Wednesday, August 1

Flower Boxes

Baker here to share our flower boxes we built a couple summers ago. :) I never liked anything you could get in the stores, so I just had Derick buy some pressure-treated stuff and then he nailed it to some stakes in the ground. We stained it first, and painted our stairs to match the made a huge difference. 
It also helped that we planted a cute tree that blossoms and painted our door yellow. I love our yellow door!! And I love how the flower boxes turned out too...they look a bit more modern than others I think, but super simple and cute too. We were always going to make one for the side of the house and fill it with tomato plants, but it didn't happen. Next house. :)
Derick snapped these cute shots the other day...Boston was too busy driving his truck in the dirt and couldn't be bothered to join us...happy to have a few cute pictures in front of our house we're leaving soon. I will miss it! And I'm kind of happy we're still going to own it since I get so attached to things, ha ha, but not sure how I feel about having renters in MY house! Lol. Seems like only three cute little boys should live there! 
And got to love little boys. Van below was so excited to show me his new trick. Riding his bike with one hand AND his eyes closed! Ha ha. Poor kid needs a bigger bike bad, but we didn't want to buy one for no reason, and his birthday isn't until March...oh well, both Grandmas have bigger ones he's been riding most the time anyways. 
Ok, so quick update, apparently the Cardston house needs finished before we can get a conventional mortgage on it, so long story short, we're going to rent the house and finish it. Most the materials are there to finish anyways, so we're just adjusting our plan a bit and working hard to get it to a point where we can actually be finishing a house we own. :) Feels fun to finally start work on it though! Doors and trim will be here in a few weeks, in the meantime we're painting everything white right now, I'll share some pictures soon of the inside! 

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  1. baha LOVE vans new trick! I didn't know you guys built in those flower beds. nice work! I'm gonna miss your house too :o( BUT I'm excited to see what you do with the new one to much to much to loose sleep over it ;o)


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