Saturday, July 14

2011 Yearbook

I thought I'd share quick what our family photo yearbooks look like. I don't stress too much about keeping all the events with each other, I just get them in the same general place, and it doesn't bother me a bit if a portrait photo gets stuck in a landscape sleeve either. :) Life's too busy to take time to get that figured out. 
The page protectors are all from We R Memory Keepers found here. I like using all the different sizes, mixes it up! I used to print all the different sizes at a great site online that unfortunately went out of business! Anyone know anywhere else that will print sizes like 3X3 and 2X3 and 4X4 and 6X12?  
 And whenever I feel like actually scrapbooking a page, I do. :) You can see below on the right one of the scrapbooked pages mixed in. I'm going to blog all the scrapbooked pages from 2012 in my next post so this one doesn't get too long.
 So far I've been able to keep a year in each book. Maybe at some point I'll have to go to two books per year, but really, I'm getting lots better at just narrowing down my photos...and that's why I love the protectors that fit anywhere from 9-12 on each side, makes it easy to print extra. I love being able to journal right next to the photos on a little card...and I love that our family can sit around these books and look through them together over the years.
I have hummed and hawed about doing digital books, but when it came down to it, I just couldn't give up the actual paper scrapbooking I love to do! My Grandma Bennett used to cut up Hallmark cards to "scrapbook" around their family photos, though it wasn't called scrapbooking then of course. :) 
 One of these days I'll remember to do a custom white balance before I photograph my scrapbooking so the backgrounds doesn't look so gray and gross compared to the blog's white background! :) Anyway, time to go kick up my feet and consume my daily intake of chocolate. Yep, two posts in a row ending about chocolate!

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  1. Ok this is what I want to do! I am just not into scrap booking actual pages for every photo, but I felt like with digital I couldn't add little keepsakes and certificates, etc so I love this. I've been looking at Project Life and Becky Higgins is coming out with new styles of page protectors kind of like this. Anyway I love that it's a happy medium between scrap booking and plain photo albums! And obviously you can scrapbook actual pages in there when you feel like it. :) Thanks for sharing!


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