Tuesday, July 24

2011 Scrapbooking

As mentioned, I just scrapbook random pictures from throughout the year whenever I feel like it! I didn't start scrapbooking until Van was born, but I got addicted fast! 
I actually made a template for the below phone pictures to print off like little polaroids, so it will be easier to just do this throughout the year a few times with all the phone pictures that seem to have inevitably taken over life! I take so many more now that I've joined the fun of Instagram. :) Really, if you haven't joined, do it! It's a super fun and easy way to be in touch with family members and friends throughout the day and let them know what you're doing and see what they're doing too! 
This layout with Derick journaling might be my favourite. :) 
Here's what I do with our Christmas cards...cut them up and smush them all together for a few layouts at the end of the year. Fun to look back and see friends and family in one place in our family yearbook. 
That's it...keep in mind, it took me a year's worth of time to scrapbook this. And I never do a page start to finish in one sitting! Always working on it at bits at a time...love my scrapbook desk for that. :) It's July and I haven't even scrapbooked a single page for 2012 yet! I have been itching too though, and am about to print some pictures to do just that tonight! 


  1. freeeeeeeeeeeeakin adorable! I still don't know how you got the mind you do but I love it! and LOVE these. I want to see them in real life though. Remind me to look through your books next time I'm down!!

  2. gorgeous! love the floppy one.


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