Tuesday, July 24

As mentioned, I just scrapbook random pictures from throughout the year whenever I feel like it! I didn't start scrapbooking until Van was born, but I got addicted fast! 
I actually made a template for the below phone pictures to print off like little polaroids, so it will be easier to just do this throughout the year a few times with all the phone pictures that seem to have inevitably taken over life! I take so many more now that I've joined the fun of Instagram. :) Really, if you haven't joined, do it! It's a super fun and easy way to be in touch with family members and friends throughout the day and let them know what you're doing and see what they're doing too! 
This layout with Derick journaling might be my favourite. :) 
Here's what I do with our Christmas cards...cut them up and smush them all together for a few layouts at the end of the year. Fun to look back and see friends and family in one place in our family yearbook. 
That's it...keep in mind, it took me a year's worth of time to scrapbook this. And I never do a page start to finish in one sitting! Always working on it at bits at a time...love my scrapbook desk for that. :) It's July and I haven't even scrapbooked a single page for 2012 yet! I have been itching too though, and am about to print some pictures to do just that tonight! 

Saturday, July 14

I thought I'd share quick what our family photo yearbooks look like. I don't stress too much about keeping all the events with each other, I just get them in the same general place, and it doesn't bother me a bit if a portrait photo gets stuck in a landscape sleeve either. :) Life's too busy to take time to get that figured out. 
The page protectors are all from We R Memory Keepers found here. I like using all the different sizes, mixes it up! I used to print all the different sizes at a great site online that unfortunately went out of business! Anyone know anywhere else that will print sizes like 3X3 and 2X3 and 4X4 and 6X12?  
 And whenever I feel like actually scrapbooking a page, I do. :) You can see below on the right one of the scrapbooked pages mixed in. I'm going to blog all the scrapbooked pages from 2012 in my next post so this one doesn't get too long.
 So far I've been able to keep a year in each book. Maybe at some point I'll have to go to two books per year, but really, I'm getting lots better at just narrowing down my photos...and that's why I love the protectors that fit anywhere from 9-12 on each side, makes it easy to print extra. I love being able to journal right next to the photos on a little card...and I love that our family can sit around these books and look through them together over the years.
I have hummed and hawed about doing digital books, but when it came down to it, I just couldn't give up the actual paper scrapbooking I love to do! My Grandma Bennett used to cut up Hallmark cards to "scrapbook" around their family photos, though it wasn't called scrapbooking then of course. :) 
 One of these days I'll remember to do a custom white balance before I photograph my scrapbooking so the backgrounds doesn't look so gray and gross compared to the blog's white background! :) Anyway, time to go kick up my feet and consume my daily intake of chocolate. Yep, two posts in a row ending about chocolate!

Friday, July 13

So really, it's more like Pam I Am 10.0 probably, but I'm officially calling every other version of my blog before this one a series of Pam I Am 1.0. :) It's super late, and it's been a long day month, but I love blogging, so I'm going to blog! Basically, I bought the Cinnamon Girl Studio templates for myself months ago. (Like November.) I even got some super cute pictures taken by my sister at Christmas time of a fun idea I had for the slideshow. I'll include the first one...click through to my blog if you're not all ready here to see the rest!

Then I obviously took about seven more months to get the rest of the blog put together! Lol. That goes to show how long working on blogs can take!! Especially when you're so busy working on every one else's blogs instead of your own. ;) And if I'm being honest, I don't even love the design concept of the blog now, but it's good enough for now. My main aim was to get the logistics of the blog in place, because I needed a better system for the graphic design and photography end of things, and really wanted to include a small portfolio for each of those. I'm sure I'll make lots of tweaks to the design concept end of things as time marches on!

Everything in the menu is pretty self-explanatory. I'd love some feedback if something looks confusing to anyone? I also found out just recently that a friend of mine wasn't seeing my menu on my blog ever...so that got me wondering who else doesn't see my blog right? So if there's any fine folks out there who don't see my blog exactly as it looks above, I'd really appreciate an email from you so I can get some details and try and figure it out! :) 

I just wanted to mention that under the portfolios, I included some random ones, like a house tour of our current home (because I think house tours are fun, not because I think my house is worthy of its own "design portfolio" or anything of the sort!). And I also have one for my scrapbooking (again, I love looking through stuff like that, so I want one of my own!). Though that one isn't ready yet...you win some, you lose some. And then one of my family, I'll update the pictures in there now and then...I just think a little album of my family would be more fun and easier to look through than scouring archives to see pictures. (Because pictures is what it's all about, after all!)

Speaking of archives, some might wonder why they aren't in their own little dropdown menu and (not so neatly) at the bottom of my blog instead. Or do I just wonder nerdy stuff like that? Anyway, it's because I love how Blogger's widget organizes archives by name and date of the post, instead of just generically like other blogs do (like ProPhoto) by month and year. I don't think that's very helpful if you were really looking for a specific post! :) 

Oh yeah, and don't miss the little sliding sidebar on the left that includes my RSS link, FB, Pinterest, and Instagram. What's funny, is that I REALLY never started a blog with the intentions of it being AT ALL for business, it was purely just going to be a place for me to share my interests and hobbies and some family pics, but the business end just sort of happened, and I'm rolling with it. :) So yes, this blog is a funny mix of personal stuff and business stuff and will be forever having its own identity crisis, and I feel bad wondering if there's people who only like some of the posts and get tired of other ones, but I just can't justify having separate blogs for everything since life gets busy and at times I don't even post for weeks. 

Ok, I feel bad for rambling on and on about my blog when only I really care that much about stuff like that. :) So changing gears, HERE'S A PICTURE OF THE HOUSE WE'RE BUYING!! Yes, you read that right...buying, not bought. So many delays, but I really think we are finally close and will be closing within a week or so. Or else I might pull out ALL of my hair! Derick's actually at my parents' tonight sleeping over (it's almost an hour away from us and my parent's house is 5 minutes from there), because he's been working on it all ready...the roof needed finishing, it was leaking so much and causing problems to the new drywall inside. He's actually finished the roof! Well, what was exposed is now finished, and now he's repairing the drywall. Luckily we have a great relationship with the owner and have been able to work out a plan that works for everyone that has allowed us to finish those few things without owning it yet. 
And yes, it's been vacant for three years, and you can tell, and I realize this may just look like a mouse house to everyone else, but it looks like our dream home to us!! :) It really won't look much like this by the time we're finished and I can't wait! It's all ready been lots of stressful fun. :) We'll be re-doing the entire inside and outside top to bottom. We sort of plan to possibly grow old here. :) I'll save a rundown of our "plans' for another day, because they basically will take forever...guess I'll have something to blog about for the next few years at least though! :) 

How appropriate the sign doesn't say sold. :) We've spent many days/evenings there trying to get the yard at least manageable so the kids can play there while work goes on...yes, that lawn took forEVER to mow!! Basically the last month and the rest of the summer consists of Derick going to the house every day to work, me staying here to work and watch the kids at the same time, me taking kids to "new" house on my days off and staying at my parents when possible to help. I have had a little help here with the kids, but not much. I'm basically super woman. ;) I wish! That's by far the most stressful part of stuff...working and having the kids here with me and arranging help when I absolutely know I'll need it. Oh well, short term hopefully! Ok, I'm going to go sweat off a few pounds in this heat hopefully in bed now to make up for the chocolate I just ate. Good night. :)