Saturday, June 9


Ok, I really lost track of blogging my photography sessions there, and blogging in general really, so I'm trying to get back on the track! :) This family is just the cutest...ANYONE who knows them will agree with me. :) 
I know the girls from my Activity Days group I used to help run on Wednesdays and they were just the most well-behaved cute little girls!! And now the older one is Young Womens just in time for camp! :) (Which is where I'm at Young Womens). 
And the boys even babysat my boys one night for me! Ha ha. I was in a BIND, and their mom was at the time my current Visiting Teacher (and an awesome one at that...she helped introduced me to marble slab!). Anyway, the boys were so soon as I got there, they just picked up the baby and jumped right in, even had games out ready to play! I melted. 
Anyway, if you can't tell, I kind of like this family. ;)
Not even sure what's going on here! Lol. But I love it!
And how could I not mention the handsome Buddy yet? Love that he had a matching handkerchief! 
And just recently, Dave became Bishop Stewart! And I told Karri I was mad someone so fun and great was put in, because we're all ready sad enough to be leaving the ward!! Why couldn't the new Bishop be like 90 or something? ;) 
And now from oldest to youngest. :) 
They wanted to go out by these train tracks, which I thought was awesome. 
And when I got there and saw this pile of rusted metal...even more awesome!
The seriousness and fierceness of this one below told me it needed to be in black and white. 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bobbi & Mike? They are the most hilarious husband/wife photographers, and I would LOVE for them to photograph my family. But they live in Indiana, sooo.....anyway, the picture below was definitely inspired by her. :)
And cue the money shot!!! Oh my when I saw these mailboxes my heart leapt! Aren't they just the awesomest things ever??? I can't wait to use them more!!! I need a picture just like this one. :) Except I might have to borrow the dog...or dress up Baker. 
Thanks again Stewart family...I know you have family nearby where we will be living, so I will be expecting at least ONE visit! Ha ha. 


  1. Love love love these pictures! Amazing job Pam.

  2. Great pics! Those mailboxes are awesome.

  3. ohhhh my goodness i LOVE these! although the B&M one has to be my favorite I think :o) stinken cute mailboxes too! Nice find!! bout time you blogged ;o)


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