Wednesday, June 13

Meghan Maxwell

So proud of how this blog turned out! Meghan of Meghan Maxwell Photography was my first local Canadian. :) Which means we actually got to meet face to face to work on a design concept together! Lol. It was soooo much easier and even more fun!
And I was so happy when she contacted me too, because her photography is just awesome, and it definitely deserved an equally-awesome blogsite! Isn't her logo just to die for??? I really am over the moon for it. I LOVE how designing for so many different clients with different tastes allows me to get all the different styles I love out of my system! Lol. 
The cute girl below is my sister-in-law, so of course had to include a screen shot of that header! Really, you could just sit and watch her headers over and over for a good ten minutes if you're looking to feel inspired. :)
Oh, and we started with the Winnie template from the ProPhoto Add-Ons store. There's a ton of great templates in there, and they are an awesome start for photographers!! I always recommend having them customized at least a little though to make it more your own. :) Thanks again for being great Meghan!! 

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  1. seriously one of my favorite ones you've done thus far!!! LOVE it!


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