Saturday, June 16

Handsome Mr. Heggie

Derick's grad ceremony was a few weeks ago, and I didn't take very many pictures because by the time the two-hour ceremony was over, we were all feeling faint and hot and hungry! :) He's been subbing in his old elementary school all semester, and I love hearing about the little girls with crushes on him. (It's a small town, word travels). One little girl wrote in her journal, "our sub teacher is so handsome today." And then would only let Derick see She had no shame. Another one went home and told her mom how handsome he was...who told his dad, who told us. Ha ha. 
I felt I needed to break up all the blog design/photography posts though, so here you go. I actually wish I had more time to post all of my personal pictures on here because I know they're the kind of pictures that are more fun to see, but I just can't justify the extra time it would take! 
And I just made another big momma jomma facebook album (I do about twice a year), and at first I was going to make it public and just post a link here, but then I just didn't feel super comfortable with that. So I decided to invite whoever reads this blog to come be my fb friend if you're at all interested in seeing more personal pictures! Lol. I promise I won't think you're a stalker at all! Seriously, and if you all ready like my blog, I see no reason why we shouldn't be friends anyways. :) So here's the link to my fb page. Just include a little message who you are first...I've been known to deny complete strangers in the past! Lol. 

Yes, unfortunately the family picture is out of focus. I should have put it on automatic! Oh well. :) And now for a small "I'm Gross" update. I wanted to clarify that I shower ever third two whole days in between showers. Glad I got that out of the way. And if you'll notice my tights in the above picture, I totally killed (in a bad way) the colored tights trend this winter by wearing a different-colored pair every single Sunday. Main reason? They were the only things thick enough to cover up my leg hair...which I didn't shave once all winter long. Me and Derick were watching a movie one night and the leg of my sweatpants had pushed up a big closer to my knee, and he slowly reached over and pulled it back down. Lol. Awkward...well, it should have been, but it wasn't because I have no shame. Something me and little girls in grade two have in common. And I bite my nails off when they get too long....can't remember the last time I used clippers. I feel so much better now. ;)


  1. She may be grosser than you, but she sure makes up for it in the best wife/mom category! Love u Josy-grossy!

  2. sicko pervert :o) ha hopefully people get that comment reference haha


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