Friday, June 15

Amanda & Mike

These two lovebirds came to their shoot basically straight from a demolition derby!! (They only quickly changed). I would say they are a good match for each other! Lol. 
Together we explored some new parts of the river bottom here in Lethbridge. I really had no idea that place was so huge! And green and lush! But Mike's from BC, so he knows all about that and was probably only mildly impressed! :) 
This light above was DELICIOUS. 
In focus + out of focus = perfect. 
And I totally jinxed myself with my lack of love for bw pictures I stated a few posts ago, because there's been a few pictures lately that just scream POST ME IN BW lately. :) And trust me, it was hard, because I loved the color version too, but when a picture screams at you, you listen. 
Hey Mike, I like your new glasses. 
I think Mike's expression is perfect for the above pose. :) 
Head over heels in love with the colors in this garage door backdrop. I think I'm going to need some family pictures here AND in front of the mailboxes Leah. Take note. 
And that's it! Aren't they just cute? :) I'm in a good mood tonight, I captioned the Jays game and they actually WON! Ask Derick, I'm convinced I am their own personal bad luck charm. Every time I caption them, they lose. Also they just haven't been great since the ' there's that too I guess. Ha ha. 


  1. Ok that colorful garage door thing they are sitting DIE FOR!!! best spot ever...leth North side??? you are the best at finding photo spots. these pictures are all just lovely...i especially like the B&W!!

  2. OHHHHHHHHH kay. let's go next WEEK! LOVE THESE! bobbi and mike move ovah! :o) love love love.


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