Friday, June 22


I LOVED this session! My first in-home newborn shoot, and it was just perfect. Laid back, chilled-out kids, happy baby...relaxing! 
And little man was just perfect. As in, he didn't wake up or budge even once! 
And if he didn't look so much like his siblings, I wouldn't have believed his mom actually delivered him only a few weeks before, because she looked amazing! Lol. Karley was on bed rest for the last few months of the pregnancy, so she stayed with family while her kids stayed with other family members they were all split up...sad! I bet it made being home together again a hundred times better though!
Brotherly love...gets me every time. :)
Side Mark III was stinking awesome in this shoot!! 
Not only did he sleep the entire shoot away, but he even snuck in a grin. 
Love seeing these two photos side by and their perfectly-straight heads and sideways sneaky glances crack me up! In case you don't recognize them, this cute family are repeat performers on the blog. Just like Amanda was too. Just love that! :)

Saturday, June 16

Derick's grad ceremony was a few weeks ago, and I didn't take very many pictures because by the time the two-hour ceremony was over, we were all feeling faint and hot and hungry! :) He's been subbing in his old elementary school all semester, and I love hearing about the little girls with crushes on him. (It's a small town, word travels). One little girl wrote in her journal, "our sub teacher is so handsome today." And then would only let Derick see She had no shame. Another one went home and told her mom how handsome he was...who told his dad, who told us. Ha ha. 
I felt I needed to break up all the blog design/photography posts though, so here you go. I actually wish I had more time to post all of my personal pictures on here because I know they're the kind of pictures that are more fun to see, but I just can't justify the extra time it would take! 
And I just made another big momma jomma facebook album (I do about twice a year), and at first I was going to make it public and just post a link here, but then I just didn't feel super comfortable with that. So I decided to invite whoever reads this blog to come be my fb friend if you're at all interested in seeing more personal pictures! Lol. I promise I won't think you're a stalker at all! Seriously, and if you all ready like my blog, I see no reason why we shouldn't be friends anyways. :) So here's the link to my fb page. Just include a little message who you are first...I've been known to deny complete strangers in the past! Lol. 

Yes, unfortunately the family picture is out of focus. I should have put it on automatic! Oh well. :) And now for a small "I'm Gross" update. I wanted to clarify that I shower ever third two whole days in between showers. Glad I got that out of the way. And if you'll notice my tights in the above picture, I totally killed (in a bad way) the colored tights trend this winter by wearing a different-colored pair every single Sunday. Main reason? They were the only things thick enough to cover up my leg hair...which I didn't shave once all winter long. Me and Derick were watching a movie one night and the leg of my sweatpants had pushed up a big closer to my knee, and he slowly reached over and pulled it back down. Lol. Awkward...well, it should have been, but it wasn't because I have no shame. Something me and little girls in grade two have in common. And I bite my nails off when they get too long....can't remember the last time I used clippers. I feel so much better now. ;)

Friday, June 15

These two lovebirds came to their shoot basically straight from a demolition derby!! (They only quickly changed). I would say they are a good match for each other! Lol. 
Together we explored some new parts of the river bottom here in Lethbridge. I really had no idea that place was so huge! And green and lush! But Mike's from BC, so he knows all about that and was probably only mildly impressed! :) 
This light above was DELICIOUS. 
In focus + out of focus = perfect. 
And I totally jinxed myself with my lack of love for bw pictures I stated a few posts ago, because there's been a few pictures lately that just scream POST ME IN BW lately. :) And trust me, it was hard, because I loved the color version too, but when a picture screams at you, you listen. 
Hey Mike, I like your new glasses. 
I think Mike's expression is perfect for the above pose. :) 
Head over heels in love with the colors in this garage door backdrop. I think I'm going to need some family pictures here AND in front of the mailboxes Leah. Take note. 
And that's it! Aren't they just cute? :) I'm in a good mood tonight, I captioned the Jays game and they actually WON! Ask Derick, I'm convinced I am their own personal bad luck charm. Every time I caption them, they lose. Also they just haven't been great since the ' there's that too I guess. Ha ha. 

Wednesday, June 13

So proud of how this blog turned out! Meghan of Meghan Maxwell Photography was my first local Canadian. :) Which means we actually got to meet face to face to work on a design concept together! Lol. It was soooo much easier and even more fun!
And I was so happy when she contacted me too, because her photography is just awesome, and it definitely deserved an equally-awesome blogsite! Isn't her logo just to die for??? I really am over the moon for it. I LOVE how designing for so many different clients with different tastes allows me to get all the different styles I love out of my system! Lol. 
The cute girl below is my sister-in-law, so of course had to include a screen shot of that header! Really, you could just sit and watch her headers over and over for a good ten minutes if you're looking to feel inspired. :)
Oh, and we started with the Winnie template from the ProPhoto Add-Ons store. There's a ton of great templates in there, and they are an awesome start for photographers!! I always recommend having them customized at least a little though to make it more your own. :) Thanks again for being great Meghan!! 

Saturday, June 9


Ok, I really lost track of blogging my photography sessions there, and blogging in general really, so I'm trying to get back on the track! :) This family is just the cutest...ANYONE who knows them will agree with me. :) 
I know the girls from my Activity Days group I used to help run on Wednesdays and they were just the most well-behaved cute little girls!! And now the older one is Young Womens just in time for camp! :) (Which is where I'm at Young Womens). 
And the boys even babysat my boys one night for me! Ha ha. I was in a BIND, and their mom was at the time my current Visiting Teacher (and an awesome one at that...she helped introduced me to marble slab!). Anyway, the boys were so soon as I got there, they just picked up the baby and jumped right in, even had games out ready to play! I melted. 
Anyway, if you can't tell, I kind of like this family. ;)
Not even sure what's going on here! Lol. But I love it!
And how could I not mention the handsome Buddy yet? Love that he had a matching handkerchief! 
And just recently, Dave became Bishop Stewart! And I told Karri I was mad someone so fun and great was put in, because we're all ready sad enough to be leaving the ward!! Why couldn't the new Bishop be like 90 or something? ;) 
And now from oldest to youngest. :) 
They wanted to go out by these train tracks, which I thought was awesome. 
And when I got there and saw this pile of rusted metal...even more awesome!
The seriousness and fierceness of this one below told me it needed to be in black and white. 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bobbi & Mike? They are the most hilarious husband/wife photographers, and I would LOVE for them to photograph my family. But they live in Indiana, sooo.....anyway, the picture below was definitely inspired by her. :)
And cue the money shot!!! Oh my when I saw these mailboxes my heart leapt! Aren't they just the awesomest things ever??? I can't wait to use them more!!! I need a picture just like this one. :) Except I might have to borrow the dog...or dress up Baker. 
Thanks again Stewart family...I know you have family nearby where we will be living, so I will be expecting at least ONE visit! Ha ha.