Tuesday, May 1

Shopped and Stolen

Guess it's time I blog! I love blogging, but I hate being behind with work and family time, so unless I'm totally caught up, I don't blog. I don't understand why it stresses people out though if they haven't blogged for awhile, I mean, I do miss it when I haven't, but it's not like anyone really cares if you haven't kept up with it, right? We all understand that everyone is just busy...and since google readers came along, (PLEASE tell me you use a reader to check your blogs. PLEASE!!!), it's so easy to have just the right amount of blogs in there that you'll always have something to read, even with long breaks. Win/win! Anyway, I thought I'd do a post with a bunch of random things I've put together, bought, or stolen! :) Starting with this lovely $10 peach polka dot tank that I am SO in love with from Forever 21. Sitting all by itself in that massive mess of a cute/weird store. It's a size large for those of you squinting to see. Ha ha. It goes perfectly with my mint pants also from Forever 21 (thanks Sam for finding them online for me!!). I took a photo with it to share, then I realized I had a phone pic of me wearing it, so you get both. :) And yes, that's a pic of me and my new baby...my Mark III. I know everyone is waiting for a review, and I promise I'll do that SOON! 
My herringbone rug arrived from Urban Outfitters, and it's even better than I'd hoped. I thought it was navy/white, but it's navy/cream. I was worried about the white parts getting dirty easy. And I didn't realize it had a sort of Ikat effect in it either, I'm in love. Oh, and Leah did a quick little Polaroid session with our family in our house so I could make this little heart on the wall. I plan on putting it up just like that in the next house forever, so I can always always remember our first home. :)
Though, it's currently sitting folded up on my kitchen table. Basically, ever since we signed the purchase agreement for our next house, I've started shopping. It wasn't a conscious decision, it just keeps happening! Lol. I can't stop myself...I all ready have the whole house pretty much planned out, so it only makes sense to start preparing to decorate it now, right? 
Oh my do I love this shelf! In fact, it reminds me, I want to order another one. It was only $16 from Urban Outfitters, and the pattern in the stained glass is so cute and perfect and I think it will look so cute hung by pretty much any window where it can reflect some pretty light. This one will be in our master bath. :) Oh man, after linking up that shelf, there's about three others there I think I'm going to have to have now. Like this one for starters.  And this one for seconders. 
Found these in the sale section of Anthro, so fun to stuff pens/pencils in and hang a cute apron or dishtowel off of. They have a super country feel, but I think they'll bring the perfect balance to a more contemporary kitchen. I'm pretty sure we'll use the same backsplash, since I'm still so in love with it. My cupboards will be pale gray Martha Stewart ones from Home Depot, and the counter tops are either going to be quartz or corian, I love the practicality of corian, but I also love the mixture of rock and sparkle you can get with quartz. 
I will have no upper cupboard above my stove, instead I'm going to have the backsplash continue to the ceiling, and I'll have thick shelves installed on either side of the hood fan. (Martha Stewart has the cutest shelves/corbels that match your cupboards...she's really thought of everything). So hence, I've started collecting cute colorful dishes for pops of color in the kitchen. :) These are from Anthropologie too. It was almost impossible to choose just one color. Now I'm thinking I should have bought three different colored ones and stacked them. Ah well. 
And now for the stolen. This was my dad's camera on his LDS mission. Awesome, right? 
Complete with his name labeled on the top. No Leah, this doesn't mean you get to keep the other one you stole from him. It just means you can have custody of this one when I steal custody of your stolen one! Lol. And speaking of film!! Such exciting news...I think so anyways! A few weeks ago I mentored through Skype with the amazing Yan. It was mind blowing, and I have since bought a few lovely pieces of film camera equipment off of eBay and get to pick it all up in about a week! I can't wait to try out film!!! There's always been something about film photography that literally just feels like it calls my name whenever I look at it. I know, cheesy, but I've just always known that at some point in my life I had to learn how to do it, so I finally decided to take the plunge and pay an expert to teach me the basics instead of mess around trying to be all self-taught and stuff. That can get frustrating fast, and seriously, learning is so.much.fun. I've decided to try and learn something new every month...either through online classes or mentoring. So far, so good...makes your hobbies just so much more fun! I promise to share my "new" camera when it gets here. :) 
Ok, isn't this owl just awesome? I found him at Superstore for $35! He's a stool!!! He was in the lawn area, and I picked him up so fast like it was Black Friday and they'd just opened their doors or something. Lol. There was no one around. I hauled him all the way around the store since we just had our stroller as we were on one of our family visits to Superstore, eventually I made Baker walk though and we pushed this owl around in the stroller. He barely fit. Yes people stared. Pushed him all the way home like that. :) Sat him down in his room, and Baker immediately walked over and sat his chubby self on down. Mission accomplished. 
Ten points for anyone who can spot the new things in the above photo. :) The little mercury cup on the front left, from Pottery Barn, and the crystal glass perfume bottle looking thing in the back right, thrifted. I'm in love with it, and can't wait to fill it with something cute. It prob had alcohol in it at some point I'm thinking? Lol. Or perfume I guess? 
Ordered this clock from Amazon. $30 I think. Love the color. I've been accumulating pops of color since the whole house will be painted the exact same cream I used in my living room, so it will be fun to accessorize with color. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU PEOPLE how excited I am to pick out EVERYTHING in my house. Did I ever mention it's completely gutted, and only done to the drywall/mudded phase? It's been vacant for three years! Yes, that means there's mouse droppings in part of the house. Sad. Good thing I know a few handy people. :) (For those that don't know, my dad's a contractor! And a recently retired one at that...ha ha. Yippee for me!!). 
And finally, on the left, more sparkly cute mercury from Pottery Barn, and on the right Superstore dishes. Only $4 each, and I swear I saw glass versions at Anthro last time I was there...these are obviously much cheaper! Phew, done! Ok, so more updates on the house front. I can't remember if I said this before, but the owner of the home we're buying has since moved to Utah for the last three years, and whenever an American sells property in Canada, I guess Canada Revenue Agency has to approve it, so that's why we have to wait another month or so. Which works out okay, because we need the time to try and sell our current home, which is going nowhere, and I really don't want to be a landlord, we may list it with a realtor soon and see if that helps. There's so many houses for sale in our area, I just think the market is super saturated. 

One last tidbit of news, I started Weight Watchers six weeks ago. (I had a setback around week two but whatevs.) Well, the knock off version of it. I use an app called iTrackBites, and it follows the WW program exactly, so if you've done it before (this is my fourth stint in five years or so?), then it's super easy! Well, it's easy even if you haven't done WW before. I have always loved WW. Fruits and vegetables are zero points, so I load up on that all morning/afternoon so I can still eat a good meaty supper followed by at least a full-sized chocolate bar every night. :) If I had to give up meat or chocolate for a diet, the diet would lose. I've lost five pounds so far! Lol. Hoping to lose 20!! Now instead of sausage and bacon for breakfast, I eat canteloupe for breakfast, and sausage and bacon for supper. Yum. Sure, I'd lose it faster if I could control my meat-eating chocolate-consuming self, but if you ask me, life is too blasted short to waste it being hungry and eating lettuce.  


  1. finally a post! you are wrong Pam, I notice when people...you....tina...jennie slack on blogging! this may be because I only read those 3 blogs! when I move I expect much better blogging from everyone! love all your pops of color.

  2. I would have to agree with sam, i always notice when you don't blog. love all the new stuff! especially the green dishes and the yellow shelf. your new house is gonna be in a magazine!! but we need more pictures of the kids please!!!

  3. Yup, I notice when people don't blog too. Namely YOU and Jennie cause I never know what anyone is doing out here in the boon docks. Love all the new stuff, especially the new outfit. Oh and that shelf. And the fact that you're getting a new house!!!!! I can't even imagine how excited you are...I bet you aren't sleeping at night...too much to plan! Too bad I'm not around or we could hang out and plan all night since I don't sleep anymore at night either.

  4. Thanks for the love girls! I meant I doubt anyone is really harboring any ill feelings towards me for not blogging! Lol. Though you guys probably are, so I guess that doesn't include family! :) I'll see what I can do to come up with some pictures of some cute little boys next. :) And you couldn't be more right Tina, sleeping is going to be impossible once the ball really gets rolling on this house!! Maybe I should just get pregnant anyways! Ha ha.

  5. ha THERE! see people totally notice!! don't ask how I haven't checked blogs in 3 days though!! LOVED this post. can't believe the things you find. makes me harbor ill feelings towards you! cept you always share where you get everything. I'm just too lazy/don't have a house to put everything in :o( and yes more adorable little boys pics pleeeeeease! how abouts you just bring them and I guess yourself up to calgary on sunday!! ya ya???

  6. Give me those mint pants right this second! Ah so cute!!


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