Monday, May 7

Rice Photography

I finished this blog a few weeks ago, and I can't believe it's taken so long to share it, because it was so much fun to design! When Chelsey from Rice Photography first said she wanted everything on a clean, white background, I was ecstatic!! There's just something so fun and fresh about a crisp white background!
I had a lot of fun making the ikat print that runs across the top too and in the logo...I'm in love with all the awesome new ikat stuff popping up everywhere. And seriously, the little section under her menu bar with her photo and the telephone...they are fierce competitors for my favourite part of the blog. I'm not sure how I keep getting clients who have such awesome photography, but it sure does make my job even more fun! I think it's because more seasoned photographers are more ready to invest in their blogsites, so it's a win/win! :) 

And the fun didn't stop there...I got to make this cute little post separator too and also got to customize the date a little bit. Chelsey was also my first Canadian client! Lol. She lives in Edmonton and we actually ended up having a few friends in common so that's always fun!! Thanks again Chelsey for having such GREAT taste! Lol. Have I mentioned how much I love Facebook ever? It's just about the easiest and best and most convenient way to not only stay in touch with old friends, but also to stay in touch with new friends!! And seriously, it's so much fun actually making friends with people your own little online friendly neighborhood. 


  1. ya LOVE this! I really like the colors. So different!! I'm also love that phone :o) SO cute. HOW do you keep doing this?? freakin amazing!!!

  2. You're so sweet! And ridiculously talented! Thank again!! It is nice making new friends, all mine seem to be online friends... just joking.. maybe not. I should get off the computer.


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