Monday, May 21

Lovely Photography

I'm so happy to share a bright fresh blog during Spring! Looking at this blog just makes me can it not? It's so cheery and cute!! It was for the lovely Heather Franca of Lovely Photography. :) I thought her business name was so cute! 

Heather all ready had one of the great templates that you can purchase through ProPhoto if you want, (find it here) and then we just customized it to make it a lot more personal. :)
Her logo was pretty fun to make...what a cute kite! I'd been wanting to implement a kite somewhere for awhile so I was so excited when Heather loved it! 
I just love all the frames in the header, but I think these two side by side in the header below are my favs...if I had to choose!
It was fun working with some fresh papers too! We adjusted some to help them match better, and I love how they turned out. They're from The Cheeky Darling, Heidi Stock Digi Design, and Ink And Elm

I know I sound like a broken record saying I love everything, but I DID make, so....yeah, I'm biased. And I LOVE this kite string menu and post separator. Ha ha.
These flowers in the About section actually come in Illustrator, but I customized them with some matching paper. Love how they turned out. 

I can't lie, at any given moment in the past three weeks, I've pretty much felt like I could burst into tears. Here's all the things that I love so much but that all piled together are taking a toll. 

1. All these fun blog designs and clients. (Who thankfully are mostly working moms and are SO understanding.)
2. My regular job as a captioner. (Some shifts that start at 6am and others that end at 2:30 am = not to put an end to that.)
3. Trying to clean/show the house so we can sell (now probably rent) our current home. (We may have found some great renters though, which I'm so relieved about!)
4. Getting everything in order with the lawyer/mortgage broker to buy the new/old house. 
5. Having all the stuff pre-picked out for the new/old house so that when we do take possession, we can immediately dive in and buy stuff and renovate and get it habitable. 
6. Trying to find time to learn and enjoy my new cameras (I'm including my film camera). It's torture not being able to sit down and play with them for more than ten minutes at a time. 
7. I was asked to speak in church last week for today, 12-15 minutes, so I prepared something and worked on it all week, even after my 3am shift last night. Then during our 9am church today, found out that they were putting in a new bishopric, and with all those who were asked to share their testimony, my services weren't actually needed! Lol. You'd think I'd be happy, but I wish I could have gotten it overwith. ;) 
8. Not having Derick around near as much since he's been subbing a ton. (Which is also good though.)
9. Trying to find time between Derick's and my own work schedules to get out to our new/old house (an hour away) to help finish the roof with the contractor (who is slower than molasses) finishing it because it was leaking!!
10. Fitting in some lovely photoshoots in with some lovely people. (I wish there were more spare sunsets in life). 

And oh yeah, trying to just enjoy being a mom and wife! It seems like all the kids have decided to take turns being awful these past few weeks. I literally feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off. The sad thing is, I know the kids aren't being more awful, I'm just even more stressed out than usual, so I'm just being a more awful mom, and that makes me feel even more awful! 

Needless to say, we've been doing some re-structuring with our schedules, and I think it's helping! How do I cut something out when I honestly love every single thing I'm working on? I have a few great blog clients to wrap up before summer at which point I will take a lovely break. Soon enough Derick will have the summer off (yay for teachers!). I just needed to vent, so thanks for listening. :) Being a working mom is hard and so rewarding and so fun and so hard! 


  1. call me! I'll sort your schedule riiiiight out ;o) loveeee love love this blog though. The kite it adorable in this template!! seriously how you keep pumping out new, fresh and out of this world cute designs??? Your BLOWING MY MIND!

  2. i think this is my favorite blog you have done!! the kite is ridiculously cute!! sounds like you guys are pretty busy! glad you might have renters tho! super exciting!

  3. This is my favourite blog you've done! It really is Lovely:) Good luck with everything with the house!! I don't know how you do all you do. I would seriously collapse!

  4. I hear you n the working mom thing, especially when the schedule is crazy and all over the place. It's a constant juggling act. I hate it, but I love the paycheck!

  5. Oh, I love my blog! It couldn't be any more perfect!
    Your awesome Pam! :)

  6. So cute! Where's the new house? Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)


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