Tuesday, May 22

Krystie Leigh Photography

Oh my am I excited about these pictures! My first studio pictures ever taken of the kids! My dear gem of a friend Krystie of Krystie Leigh Photography was working on her cute blog one day and was emailing me for some quotes to get some work done. 
It crossed my mind that I'd never had studio pics of the kids, so I offered to do a switcheroo, and it worked out perfectly!! I haven't done any work on her blog yet, but I hope she loves her new stuff as much as I love these pictures!! Doubt it. :) 
So I began immediately collecting cute outfits for the boys so they'd have some fresh fun things to wear...and before the shoot I ran around my house grabbing chairs and props! Ha ha. 
I'll source the clothes throughout the post for those who care. The v-necks are from Gap, Van's vest is from Mexx, Boston's pink-collared shirt and undershirt are from Superstore. 
Van's cardigan is Mexx and pants are gap and suede boots were a score from Wal-mart! Their darling hats made by their Aunt Jennie of course...I'll never get tired of using them! Van's jeans from Target. No, I didn't buy them that ripped...they just sucked! Too bad because they were the perfect amount of "skinny". 
I definitely am going to start getting pics at least every two years I think in the studio! I just love them....more than I even thought I would. I mean, it's not like I don't have enough good pictures of my kids!! But I love how all the pictures coordinate together and I think they'll make an awesome wall display!
Boston's little vest is from the new clothing line for boys called Aven launched by the overly talented Angie Monson. I was just a BIT excited when they launched. I don't order a lot of super expensive stuff for the boys like that, but knowing that three boys are going to wear whatever I buy for Van makes it a bit easier to spend a bit more on something else! The vest was actually only $30 though I think...same as Mexx so not that bad. 
Sweater below from Superstore, grey skinnies from Old Navy. Mustaches from the dollar store. :) Shoes from Children's Place. 
Boston was by far the most cooperative! Every single one of these pictures just makes me (and Derick) smile so big! :) 
Pants and cardigan on Baker from Gap for 50% off! Baker was good to sit, but wouldn't smile for us. Sad day...good thing he's still ridiculously handsome!!
Baker's cardigan and pants from H&M. His hat is totally backwards and wonky, but he put it on himself and then actually gave us a half smile! So it's a keeper!
I made the suspenders out of old ones for a family wedding a couple years ago. I don't put them on the boys nearly enough!
I wasn't sure about this scarf on Van! It's from the little boys section Superstore (oh how I will miss Superstore when I move...best neighbor a girl could ask for). So are his cute shoes. I love it on him though (yes Jolene, I know you don't like it...ha ha). What a handsome man! Good thing too, because he cried for oh about 20 minutes when it was finally his turn!! 
Oh my Boston and your personality...
Love getting the odd new thing for Baker...seriously, depending what it is, some stuff I LOVE getting out again when little man grows into it, other stuff I get so sick of seeing! Mostly matching stuff. By the time They all wear it, then Boston wears Van's, and Baker wear's Boston's, and so on...you get the picture. 
Van' striped shirt from Superstore. 
And make sure you check out Krystie's post, because I didn't post any of the ones she all ready did! She seriously gave me so many great pictures!! (Too many in fact Krystie...I feel bad you edited so many for me!). But I love you for it....now I have to get our next house finished in no time so I can frame them!!! We may be closing on the deal in the next two weeks or so! Cross your fingers! :)


  1. OH MAN i didn't think they could get cuter than the one on krysties blog. they are SO CUTE!! I love van in the scarf...he will be like derick, who can pull off anything!

  2. I'm SO MAD right now. why??? I really don't know. These pictures are SO FREAKIN RIDICOUSLY STUPID CUTE they left me mad. Really, I'm pounding on my keyboard even more then usual. THEY ARE ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    redonkulously adorable!!

  3. Boss looks so sweet and adorable, I just love him in the striped shirt! Love that your numbers came in handy!!! Seeing them altogether makes Van look so big, I am going to be so sad when I see them like once a year!

  4. p.s. Leah...I AM MAD TOO because my future children will never be this cute!

  5. You need to be my boys stylist. All they wear is t shirts, jeans, and hoodies. So boring.


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