Saturday, May 5

Does Marky Mark Pass?

All right, so in order to satisfy some nagging (but still lovable) aunts, here's a whack of pictures of the boys! And these all just so happen to be taken by my Mark III, so here goes my review of far.  
Prepare yourself for a lot of random thoughts I have on my camera in no particular order. Actually, the pictures are also completely random and in no particular order. Like this one above of Baker apparently "terrorizing" Boston. At least that's what you'd think was happening if that picture had sound included with it! 
I've only had it a month. 95% of the pictures I've taken with it have been indoors, so not the best of lighting, but that's the main reason I invested in this camera was to help me out with those situations, so I was kind of glad to be in a dreary month, so I could see how it performed for me right away. 
Basically, it didn't matter how much I turned up the ISO, there was never any grain!! I mean, if you want specific numbers and all that tedious stuff, this is not the place! Lol. I didn't pay attention to every setting I had things on, but I definitely cranked that ISO, and seriously, no grain....ever. It definitely helped me turn really low-light conditions into totally manageable ones. Love these pictures of the kids playing with the stools. They just might be the most-played with objects in our house. Those and the couches. 
I don't feel super comfortable with it yet, I think that will take a few months! I mean, I feel comfortable shooting with it, but things aren't second nature by any means. See...more stool action. I pulled out this little stool from the bathroom so Baker could feel worked. :) 
I definitely have noticed a huge improvement in the results of my pictures, but mainly in how hard I had to work to get the pictures, (not as hard!) and not as much as in the pictures themselves...if that makes sense? I mean, the pictures themselves were definitely question, but generally, I just didn't have to try quite so hard to get the pictures in focus and properly lit. 
Under good lighting, the focus is definitely tack sharp, and I have zero complaints at all. It doesn't stay as tack sharp under not so great lighting, but I don't think it's fair to expect a camera to take crappy lighting and produce amazing pictures. 
Cute cousins at Grandma's house. 
I definitely need to read the entire manual front to back. I know I haven't even enabled half of the features it can do. EVERYONE should read their entire camera's manual. It mind sound boring, but it's the best way to get better at photography...promise. Just do it bit by bit, and take notes to keep it interesting...and mark it up with cute little sticky tabs. :) 
Cute boys dressed up after church. Love Boston's shirt below Grandma found him at Target. He'll even tell you what it says in his cute little voice that actually doesn't sound bossy at all. :) 
Whenever my kids are facing our window in our Living Room, I love the picture. Whenever they aren't, I'm not so happy with it. Examples below. If only our lives only ever took place facing the window. :) Van and Boss love to pretend to text each other with our old phones. Lol. 
Having this new camera has really if nothing else driven home the fact how important good lighting is. I mean, it is huge in allowing me to turn up the ISO, and I feel like it focuses super awesome under low light too, but like I said before, it won't transform bad lighting into great pictures. Love the picture of Van trying to set up the photo for me with Baker and his boy dolls. Lol. He loves his babies, and I think it's so cute! 
Like these ones. Taken at 8pm at night with no natural light at all...I had the white balance on tungsten, and I wish I could say I was happier with the results. The white balance was totally off, even after editing. Maybe the only way to get decent pictures under that kind of lighting is to use custom white balance. Sad day. I have to add though, these pictures are MUCH more in focus than I could have gotten with my 40D/50 mm f1.4 combo. Mainly because the kids were jumping around so much. If only kids NEVER moved! Lol. And I know if I turned these black and white, they'd look great. But I just love color...almost every time. I just feel like the pictures look more like our real life in color...since that's what real life is in! Lol. 
Another thought, I definitely think my 50mm f1.2 L lens has had just about as much effect on my pictures as my new camera has had. Even more so probably, when I upgraded to an L lens, it changed a lot of things! Just made life plain easier. Amateur photographers, don't get me don't need an L lens and a full frame camera to have great pictures. PLEASE don't think that...but if you are obsessive compulsive like me and are forever on the hunt for perfection, unfortunately, L lenses and full frame cameras should probably be somewhere in your future. :)
Nothing better than catching Batman watching cartoons in full gear. The Christmas present that just keeps on giving. :) 
Ok this might be better...what cute little friends. 
Some more examples of photos right in front of our big window. You can see how it throws off the focus a bit. I just need to adjust myself better to get a better angle, there's your lesson for the day I guess! Ha ha. I should also mention that when I took this picture of Van eating the watermelon, my house was NOT this bright. It was actually a sort of dark, depressing afternoon. Van's sick in the picture above and Baker kept stealing his soda crackers, which he was obviously not pleased about. 
Watermelon and pickle juice. Yummy snacks. 
Anyway, I love my new camera. Like love love love it. But seriously, I've been missing my 40D like crazy, and I really loved it too. The biggest thing the Mark III gives me is the ISO capability I feel like, and it definitely does a great job achieving sharp focus...I can't WAIT to see what it does under some perfect outdoor lighting. 

A bunch of other random thoughts on why I went for the Mark III for anyone who's interested. :)

Since the main thing I shoot is pretty much my kids indoors all day long, I think this camera is the perfect fit for me given the edge it gives me on crappy lighting. I also know how my brain works, and knowing this great fancy camera was just released, it just didn't make sense to me to buy a camera that was all ready a bit outdated, even though its predecessors are amazing, and I know some crazy amazing photographers who shoot with even 5Ds and are seriously awesome. I mean, if I all ready owned a 5D or a 5D Mark II, I'm positive I would not have been first in line for the newest shiniest thing, especially since I shoot mainly just my kids and don't have a full-fledged business or studio or anything, but like I said, 40D....seemed like a no brainer. :) 

I hate how much it cost me though...but I really feel like eventually cameras pay for themselves. If you're willing to do shoots with them at least now and then for others, and if you're claiming your earnings (which of course we should be) ;), then it's even a tax write makes it a little more affordable that way too! 

Anyway, sorry it wasn't a really in-depth review, but hopefully it helps someone out! :)


  1. AWWWW love all the pictures!! we need to play asap chloe was so excited with each picture. LOVE the one of the 3 kids at grammas!

  2. Oh my, the boys are getting SO BIG. Especially Van, he doesn't even look like a little kid anymore. His face is so grown up. Love all the pictures...definitely don't seen enough of them!!! Miss you guys! Hope we can play in the summer.

  3. ha love the pic of boston with the phone like he just got the crazayiest text. these are great! especially cuz your house is so darn dark! yay for new house cuz those skylights will be your new best friends!

  4. Fun reading your review :)...I just got mine last week and have been reading my manual!! I wish I had more time to play with it, but of course life is busy. I agree though that one of the main reasons I went with this camera was so I could take better pictures of my kids inside. My house is painted a yellow color which always always makes it hard taking pictures inside...and my house is quite dark. I'm excited to see what kinds of pictures I'll get now! Love all the pictures of your boys :)


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