Saturday, April 14

Misters Dressup

Not sure if it was just a Canadian thing, but who didn't watch Mr. Dressup as a kid? I was so jealous of his trunk full of dress-up clothes! We used to dress up in my mom's old highschool clothes which were mostly sewn by my Grandma (and were awesome), but that's it. :) If I could fit them, I'd give you all a show! Lol. 
Anyway, like I mentioned at Christmas time, the kids got a bunch of different dress-up stuff for the trunk in the Living Room, and this is probably only about half of it, but I finally gathered a bunch of random pictures together to show off the capes their awesome Aunt Jennie made them! Loving Van's Optimus Prime/Superman combo below. 
She usually sews them something each Christmas (not that I expect it Jennie!! I can't believe the time it all takes!!) :) And this year she ASKED me if she could make them capes? I was so happy! They have their initials on one side, and then either a Batman symbol or Superman symbol on the other.  I guess even Batman has bad days too. :)
And she made matching little masks for each one...the ones Boston's gracefully wearing in the first picture. :) Everything else we got on clearance after Halloween and I pick up random things too when I see them cheap. 
The fireman's costume was the only thing I paid full price for at Costco, but it just looks so authentic it was worth it. :) Van is such a sharer (like his dad)...he loves to play with Baker and dressed him up like this one day and then asked me to take a picture of them. He also had the great idea for Baker to "ride" the little truck like he's a fireman. 5 year-olds are fun. 
Of course, it's impossible to get one of them to wear the Batman mask, cape AND shirt all at the same time! Lol. 
Baker is so funny in his cape...will wear it all day if I don't take it off eventually. 
I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE toys that the kids love to play with, and that also look cute in pictures! :) Win/win for everyone. Speaking of pictures, yes, my baby is here. My Mark III came yesterday, and so far it seems to be everything it's been billed to be! I haven't gotten any pictures on my computer yet, but soon enough. I promise to share more what I think about it then! And also, I should mention most of these pictures were taken with my sister's Nikon which is for sale! It's the perfect entry-level camera...and when it comes to the Nikon/Canon battle, I seriously think they both win. :) Especially if you are just starting out! She'll be posting some prices on her blog soon, but I know it's on Kijiji right now too. You won't regret it! And it's always great to buy used from someone you can trust. :)


  1. ohhhh kay. cutest pictures EVER! thanks for the shout out! you the best. oh and Jennie is pretty great to for making those costumes too! Seriously nuts!

  2. awww they look so adorable! I just love that they like them so much!! chloe and ash never wear theirs! I guess we need to bring em to your house to play superheros!! CUte the fireman one!

  3. you have the cutest boys and they have the best mom!!

  4. you have the cutest boys and they have the best mom!!

  5. Oh my thanks Christal! Seriously though...I am def NOT the best mom! In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm world's worst mom this week!! lol.


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