Friday, March 30

Master Bedroom

Meet my yellow chair. We are definitely in chove (pronounced ch-ah-ve) with eachother, meaning chair love. I had been wanting to put a wingback chair in this corner of my bedroom for quite a while, and was explaining to my Aunt B (my dad's sister) that I was looking for something used that was super cheap so I could get spend some money and get it recovered. 
A month or so later she emailed me a picture of this chair saying she was selling it for $40 if I was interested. (We are similar, she buys/sells things for her house lots and is always decorating/rearranging). I almost leapt into the air with glee!!! I was dying over its cuteness...and when they brought it to my door, I swooned even more. It is in such great shape and matches my room perfectly!! The only sad news is that it once had a twin that she'd sold a few months earlier. Tear. 
The bed, dresser and mirror were custom built for us by the Amish before we left Pittsburgh. They actually have a bit of a personal story to go along with them, but I'll save that for another day! I am so happy I only had them build those three pieces to match, because I feel like when you put five plus pieces of matching furniture in a room, it really takes over the space and becomes overwhelming. You can barely see our cream nightstand peaking out above...those are from Pottery Barn, and mixing them in with our dark furniture is one of the best choices I made! They are skinny, so they keep our king bed from looking too huge and overwhelming, and they really lighten up the rest of the dark furniture in there.  
Everything on the dresser is thrifted except the deer is from Urban Outfitters. 
All the yellow bedding is from Target (and the ikat pillow on the chair) and the curtains are from Ikea. There's two sets of curtains on one rod, and it actually works out okay. Thicker white ones underneath and thinner ones with a little pattern in them on top to lighten them up! And the reason why I share a picture of my closet below is because I LOVE all the organizers I have in there from Ikea. The tall wire thing of drawers with smaller drawer organizers inside. And I love the cloth boxes I keep at the top for things so it's not just one big mess of stacks of clothes falling into each other up there! And if you think my closet looks bare, it is! I clean it out really good once a year and sell/donate stuff. I love it bare...I'd rather have a clean closet with a few new things each season that I can wear over and over instead of a closet stuffed with old stuff I rarely wear! :) Lucky for me I don't have to get dressed up and go out much! In fact, I went to church last Sunday and realized it was the first time I'd left my house since I'd been to church the week before! Lol. 
All of the bathroom stuff is from Superstore except curtain from UO and the zigzag mirror from Ikea. Funny friend Brittany who ditched us for the sunnier south (Utah) a couple of years ago fb'd me and asked if I'd run to Superstore (we're neighbors) and pick up some cute shoes that look just like Toms for her little girl. Really? An American wanted a Canadian to pick THEM up something from the store? Lol. My how the tables are turning...and if you haven't heard, snow is the new sun too, sooo.....
I actually didn't realize that most of the U.S. also didn't have H&M until recently either. Who knew? That store is by far the best store for affordable and stylish little boys' clothes I think! I also got my maternity skinny jeans there last year that I lived in. Anyway, I digress. The photo below is just of our boring stairwell...I DID have big plans for that area, but now the house is for sell, so the plans will be moved to the next house! It involved framing in the huge wall with crown molding and wallpapering the inside of it. 
And speaking of our current living situation, our house is officially for sale, has been for a few weeks I guess? And we've signed a purchase agreement on our next house, but there's some things slowing down closing, so I won't share pictures or detials until it's a done deal! (Maybe a month or two). Which is okay, gives us time to sell our current house! If all works out though, we'll be moving back to my hometown of Cardston soon enough! :) Go cougars!! Lol. 


  1. very cute! I have an old door too, but I haven't put it anywhere yet. It used to be outside with a window box on it, but I should find somewhere fun for it to go! Good luck selling your house!

  2. Pam, you are so talented at decorating! I absolutely love that chair, the yellow pillows with the flowers, and the shower curtain. Your bedroom looks like it came right out of a magazine. Good luck selling your house. I'm sure you will sell it quick with all the perfect rooms you've decorated. By the way, who did you get to recover your chair?

  3. I love love love love LOVE your bedding. And your Wingback. And you are wise for getting rid of old clothes. I need to do that. I have a BUNCH of oldies. Not goldies just oldies that I use to get by. And we have TINY closets. I just need more time to shop! ;) Probably a good thing I don't go out much! And I can't believe you didn't leave your house from Sunday to Sunday! i would die! Reminds me of the days the girls were wee babes!

  4. Thanks guys!! Lindsay, that's the best part, the yellow chair came like that! Lol! It matched perfectly and was in great shape, I was dying!! I WAS going to get Ducan to recover it though, I know that they do that, but I hadn't had anything done before. I was planning on having a love seat done that was my Grandma's at some point, but will wait now until the next house has stuff like carpet to do that! Ha ha. Amelia, you could learn a lot from my hermitness...I'm an expert! Lol.

  5. Let's not talk about the yellow chair. And how your Aunt B's favorite. And how I love that circle frame. These things all leave me angry.


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