Thursday, March 15

Lannie & Barlow

So Lannie and Barlow are this awesome husband/wife photography/videography team in Utah, and they booked months ago, and from the first moment they booked and I checked out their amazing work, I envisioned this chandelier layout, and I was SO EXCITED to finally put it together!!
 And I was pretty excited to find out they were on board with the idea. :) I also loved creating this background for them....I know everyone loves the chevron, and I do too, but it's the herringbone pattern that REALLY does it for me. :) (I just ordered this rug from Urban Outfitters!!) And isn't that post separator so fun? A chandelier banner of sorts. EVERYTHING can be a banner. Lol.
 Aren't those tennis engagement pictures just awesome? I think one day I might pretend to play tennis just to have pictures like this...maybe I can get someone who looks good in a tennis outfit to pretend to be me for the pictures too.
 Love the menu bar too...and a close-up of the chandeliers. One of them gave me outright fits and just about had me cursing. (The curvy one). But in the end, I conquered!! I couldn't possibly love these chandeliers any more. And I thought we did a good job of working the existing logo into things too. Sometimes clients have logos they want to stick with so it can be tricky combing old/new.
And here's their matching marketing set. I love their business card...and I love the plus sign. Isn't it cool how it fades out in the middle on the pink chevron side? Can't wait to use that same idea in more was Lannie's idea! Love creative clients!!
 Above is the inside to their cd case, and below is the outside. I was again, excited she all ready owned these cute lace frames and some matching paper for our color scheme from Summit Avenue.
Above is the back of their prices sheet for a show they attend and below is the front. :)


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