Thursday, March 22


I was editing all the pictures from my iPhone and sent them to be printed for our family photo album and I thought I'd share some of my favourites. I love how random iPhone pictures are...and you'll notice my kids are sleeping in a LOT of them. Baker is my only baby to randomly fall asleep in different parts of the house if it's getting close to nap time. 
Cute Canadian winter boys plum tired. Boston's poor neck. Yes, we have a truck that is more roomy in the back to fit all three boys, but our car is better on gas, so we still squish our family of five into our first car we ever bought together...a 1996 Honda Accord. Don't be jealous. I'll be sad when we outgrow it! 
Baker's early nap syndrome strikes again. He laid there humming for the longest time kicking his feet...then this. 
Can anyone guess what they're up to? Yep, fishing. :) Is there anything better than when they make up their own games and entertain themselves? :)
This is Boston's favourite relaxing position. It's his go-to tv-watching position, and clearly...his sleeping position too. So funny. 
So though Boston's was a great potty trainer, he's had a couple accidents away from being one of them. All I had was a on it went! He rocked it. And aren't our running shoes just the cutest couple ever? I really am in love with my shoes...I wish I worked out more just so I could wear them. They're from Famous Footwear. We picked them up on our little couples getaway to Kalispell, MT this past summer. 
Whenever the bed is made (because it's definitely not always made), the kids love to tuck themsleves in between the pillows on Derick's side. Boston can be seen here sniffing his baby (his blanket). 
Love this cousins photo! Me and my sister went somewhere (close) and yep, just squished the kids all in to her minivan. You can't even see cute little Ozzy back by the window on the right. Lol. Annnd Jolene's all ready had another baby since this pic...yeah, that makes five kids in five years for her. She's Wonder Woman.  
Sorry if you think this photo is disgusting....but I think it's funny! We were halfway to BC camping, and Boston and Baker were tanked asleep, and had only been for maybe 30 minutes, and they really needed to sleep longer...and Van HAD to pee....sooooo.....yeah. He did great! Lol. The other picture was right after Christmas. How does one even fall asleep with a headlamp on their head?
This summer I cleaned out and sold some stuff from my baby girl tub that was OVERFLOWING. (I have bought a few things with each pregnancy in case I had a girl, so yeah, it was time to purge). Boston found these pants on his own and tried 'em out. They are 6-12 months! Lol. And this other picture is Boston having a stubborn moment in my office. When he's annoyed of everyone or just plain mad, he'll come into my office during my shift and strike this lovely pose until he feels ready to go play again. So funny. 
Got these sunglasses from Target and I think the different styles fit their corresponding owners perfectly. :) Even when Boston refuses to let us help him put them on. 
And here's what I have been doing with them...I print them off so they look like little mini polaroids and then scrapbook them. I know there's a company out there you can send your pictures to right from your phone, and they'll mail them back to you? I need to look into it! I also need to jump on the Instagram looks like a fun wagon. I do like how tiny I can make these though and how I can fit so many on one page. Anyway, I had a down part in my shift so thought I'd blog...back to work now!


  1. all of these photos made me smile...i love that i have the cutest nephews ever!

  2. That is a great idea! I need to do that! Your boys are adorable and I totally have the same bedding! I knew I liked you. :)

  3. BAH I LOVED THIS POST! AAAAAAND I read every.single.word ha I actually really liked the captions/descriptions cuz just made the photo that much cuter!!! Can't WAIT to come see them!!

  4. ok all those pictures were insanely cute! love the mini polaroids!

  5. Love these pics! Your boys are so cute! Did you just send your iphone pics to costco like a normal picture?? I need to do that but always wondered how they would turn out!

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  7. Thanks Christal! Yes, I just made the "polaroids" in Photoshop with a .png file of a polaroid I found for free somewhere (can't remember?) and then I put them all on a big 12X12 file and printed it at that size at Costco. And your comment duplicated itself, so my ocd had to delete it, and now it just says "This comment has been removed by a blog administratot." like I was censoring things or something! Lol. And now that bugs me even worse. Ha ha. Oh, and they turned out just like they looked on my phone since I didn't try and blow them up to a 4X6 or something...not the best quality, but better than if I'd tried to enlarge them. I bet you'd be pretty safe at 4X6 though actually!


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