Monday, March 19

Expedit Hack

Oh yeah, it's hot and steamy here tonight! Lol. No, Derick is not full of himself walking around with his shirt off hoping I'll take pictures of him. Yes, his calendar will be coming out later this year. :) (And yes, this project has been done since August and I'm blogging it now. Big deal. So what.)
Ok, so seriously, who DOESN'T own some variation of the Expedit shelf from Ikea? Or at the very least one of the wall shelves...(it's the Expedit shelves that are holding up "I love you, a bushel & a peck" in Baker's room. And they just came out with gray and red too! I have a very small modest dungeon office, and I was sick of not having my craft and work stuff organized, so I went for the biggest and baddest version of the Expedit shelf. (Me and Derick may have argued over which size would suffice for our needs right there in Ikea...ha ha). 
I initially planned to just get the cupboard inserts right from Ikea for the bottom two rows, knowing there'd be junk not pretty enough to be seen in open shelving, and knowing all of those open squares would look terrible and messy and would just compete with each other for attention. :) But then I almost choked when I saw the price of the cupboard inserts! $35 each?? And I needed ten! NOT about to spend $350 on cupboard doors...especially when I planned on also replacing the knobs as added cost. 
Anyways, I immediately hatched a plan in my head for Derick to rig up these inserts out of mdf...we used 1 1/2 sheets $30 for all of them! Lol. And some extra cream paint we had. (Ikea's "white" is more of an off-white, so cream matched better). I got the knobs from Lowe's in the states...and they're actually all for sale for $30 if you want them! Ha ha. I paid $5 each, so $50 total...they're sturdy and completely fine, I just am not feeling the color purple. And I have no little girls' room that I could switch them too! :) I think it's the green baskets/purple knobs combo...too much of a Barney vibe.
Those green baskets were bought from eBay for $17 each maybe? I remember they were expensive!! But hey, I saved so much money on the cupboard inserts! :) I think it's pretty self-explanatory how we made them, Derick just lined the wood up and nailed the front right into the edges of the sides (nailed in from the front) and then filled in the nail holes. You can't even see them a bit. And we spray polyurethaned the fronts too so they could wipe nicely. I would say if you were putting them in a cubby that you needed to get in and out of every day, they probably aren't the most functional for that sort of use. But when you are just stuffing in random other things you maybe get at once a month, they are perfect! 


  1. ha ha I love the shot of your hubby with his shirt off and the suspenders. Nice and spicy!:) LOL.

    I know, I was surprised by the price of the ikea drawer inserts, too!! I think they're overpriced. Great job doing them yourselves, I think they look awesome!

  2. I can't believe you get to live with jake gyllenhaal! Your so lucky! now can he make some for me?? ps I read every word of this post. you can even quiz me later!!

  3. looks awesome!! i had no idea you even had that in your basement!! derick is the best handiman ever!


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