Tuesday, March 13

Baker's Room

Finally! Oh man was I missing my wide-angle 17-55mm lens when taking the rest of the pictures of our house!! In a bad way. If ONLY my sister had bought a Canon instead of a Nikon, LEAH. Lol. Ok, so I've been so excited to share the cardboard deer up there on the wall!! My bro-in-law Alan had my name for Christmas, so he MADE me this!! It's out of white foamboard with that sticky drawer stuff on it...all from the dollar store. I was SO EXCITED when I opened it. Seriously love it so so much. Have been wanting the Urban Outfitters one forever, but just haven't been able to justify the price for cardboard!! And the 3s are all because Baker is kiddo number three. I'll keep the 3s in his room for forever. :) Oh and that 3 is from Station 8, OF COURSE. Rug in front of dresser is from Ron Jon Surf Shop we bought when first married (with plans to put it in the baby's room...two years before we had a baby). 
So there's just lots of close-ups. Baker's room has been hard for me...trying to still use everything from when Van was a baby but still trying to keep it fresh and cute. The bedding is from Pottery Barn, and while I do still like it (and have zero plans of replacing it), I found it hard since it's so red, blue and green...but I think it worked out okay. 
The quilt hung over the back was hand-quilted by my Grandma Bennett years ago (she passed away around ten years ago or so I think?). Anyway, my mom saved it for me, and while it's not totally my style, I just HAD to find a place for it in my house...I think it works! The cutest-ever gray owl is from Pier 1 and the little owls hung on the mobile over the swing are Christmas ornaments also from Canadian Tire. I'm sure I'll take them down when the swing actually gets used again, you know, so my baby doesn't get a piece of wood in the eye or something!!
The whole set of vintage books on that shelf cost $1 and the banners were antiqued (they were $10 to $15 each). Sorry for the bad angle. 
The wall display is called "paint every leftover shelf and frame you have white and put it all on the wall". There's still a few empty ones...I know what I'll frame in there...just haven't done it yet! The little fox sitting on one of the frames is from Superstore. The hedgehog sitting on top of the letter 'P' is from Canadian Tire. (Go Canada, right?)
Lamp is Pottery Barn. This antique-ish scrolly frame with the ABCSs in it is from Station 8, and I cut out and ironed on those letters when I was pregnant with Baker. The whole thing is a bit girly, but I did try and keep it gender neutral, so it's okay for a baby's room I think! I hand stitched around each letter with embroidery thread. And of course...the gnomes...completing the unintended woodland creatures theme. Mushrooms from Pier 1, and I've seen so many cheap ones at thrift stores...like salt and pepper shakers that would totally work.
This deer figurine was also my Grandma Bennett's. It makes me swoon I love it so so much!!!
Derick served his 2-year mission for our church in Sri Lanka and brought back this elephant bamboo painting. Hello cuteness, right? I'm sure he knew at age 19 he was buying it for his future baby's room. :) Curtains from Target. They are only the third pair to hang there. That's not THAT bad is it? 
And the wooden letters cut out for the shelf were by a guy in Cardston who doesn't do it anymore. :( But didn't they turn out fantastic!! I had to wait six long months for them to get done, and I was dying...and was worried Baker wouldn't be a baby anymore by the time they were done! Lol. I just gave him the letters cut out from a CriCut and he used the pattern to do it in super thick wood so they'd stand on their own. I got an extra ampersand for the basement. I LOVE them! That song is the only one I remember my mom singing to us...and therefore it's the only song I manage to remember to sing to my kids. (Though I did force myself to learn the Rubber Ducky song for bathtime because I thought it was so cute). 
Owl from Superstore...and love the Up and Up lotion from Target with the cute owl on it. I also love the prices of the Up and Up Children's Tylenol at Target!! Little white table on sale for $10 at Pottery Barn. 
And the star of the show, Baker! He LOVES that little bunny...which matches his little woodland-themed nursery perfectly. It was given to us in Pittsburgh, and I thought it was the cutest sorriest looking bunny I ever saw, and the first two kids never paid much attention to it, and I'm so happy Baker's decided they're best friends. 
Still no real news on the house we're hoping to buy. One thing is for sure, this blog will be in store for a LOT of major before and afters if it does go through!! :) 


  1. ha let's be real! Even if I had a canon no zoom lens' for me! seriously love bake's room. Of course would of loved the post even more had it contained more pics of the cutie himself!! :o) how did you score anything that was left that was good of grandma and grandpa's! lucky!!

  2. those letters continue to amaze me! they are so cute! and love the little deer!


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