Friday, March 2

Baker's Book

You'll notice Baker's book is significantly cuter than Van's baby book. Lol. That's just how it goes with scrapbooking, you get better the more you do it! And you have to go through the growing pains no matter what. :)
So Baker's book follows the exact same pattern as Van's and Boss's, so I won't explain much what the pages are...they're prob pretty self explanatory anyways. I took these photos with Leah's Nikon before Christmas, and the white balance is crap. It's a great camera, but I just am too lazy to really learn it because I knot it's temporary in my life! :)
Let me point out just how beefy I'm looking in the black sundress at the lake...nice work Pam, stand side profile so people can see BOTH bumps. 
Yes, those curly Qs took awhile, but the page was so crammed full of photos and journaling that I had to squeeze in some cuteness in somewhere! And I think it worked pretty darn great. 
Loved using these photomasks in Photoshop, the heart and the seven. 
So he turns 18 months old next month, and that's when I'll do another two page spread for the last six months. Which probably won't be that hard to fit together since I haven't had a camera = way less pictures. I am still loving the system I've set up so far...three kids in and I'm still staying on top of it pretty easily, so that's good! 
And another small piece of news...our house is for sale! Lol. So if anyone wants to buy it, send me an email and I'll direct you to some more info. :o) I'll update the rest of the story if we actually close on a deal...I'm afraid I'll jinx it if I don't wait! ;) 
And another piece of news, which funnily enough is a much bigger piece of news to me than our house being for sale....I'm on the waiting list for the Canon 5D Mark III !!!!! It was announced today...expected to ship sometime mid-March or early April, and I almost pee my pants every time I even think about it!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's not enough exclamation marks in the world to express my excitement. 


  1. haha did you know the ad from google ads on your blog is for the canon 5D mark III? did you pick that? too perfect! So exciting!!!!

  2. Love the pages! The 7 is awesome. That is SOOO exciting about the new camera and the house. Good luck!!


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