Saturday, February 11

Oh How I Love You

daddy-oh from Leah Lacey on Vimeo.

So Derick turned 30 last week, and (like I mentioned a few posts ago) I wanted to make it a big deal especially because he just graduated too, and birthday week was a hit! It was so fun...felt like my birthday week too because I got to do a lot of the fun stuff with him. :) We went to movies, ate out lots, I even snuck in some thrifting! We went shopping sans kids (I convinced Derick to buy a cardigan AND a sweater vest, lol), bowling with family, and he went snowboarding with his brother and ice fishing with his dad, and on the LAST day (his actual birthday), we ate at the Keg, and when we got home, I had our families meet us there for all of his favourite desserts. Yes, the hardest part of pulling off birthday week was by far making him a lemon meringue pie. But I nailed it! Don't be jealous.

And to top it off, (what I was most excited about all week long) I had my sister secretly put together this video for him that I showed at the end of it all. I know, I had my sister do it, so I take NO credit for it! Lol. I all ready had so many pictures of him with the kids and so I just snuck a little video in there and emailed them off and this is what I got back! Seriously...Leah, you're the BEST. It was his favourite part of birthday week (I made him list his favourite parts one through ten, so I know. Lol)

Oh, and if you're wondering where that CUTEST SONG EVER comes from, it's by Frances England. One of our songs in our last video was by her too. She sings the cutest children's songs ever (that are cool enough to listen too even if you're not a kid). Be careful, you'll be addicted to every song once you click over to her site!

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  1. What a great gift! I can't believe you even made him a lemon meringue pie! That's pretty impressive :)


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