Sunday, February 26

Morgan's Marketing Set

 How could I forget to blog the matching marketing set I made for Morgan's blog?? If you can take a WILD guess, you just MIGHT be able to guess where all of these cute papers are from. Yep, Summit Avenue. :) After we finished her blog, Morgan asked if I could make a matching marketing set, which is kind of fun for a change, so she bought these perfectly-matching papers, and after that the cards practically designed themselves! (Lol....I wish!) :)
 So the first two are the front/back of her business card. I should mention that I didn't make Morgan's logo, just helped color-coordinate it a bit and adjusted the font photography was written in to match a bit better.
 These are the front/back of her thank you card. I LOVE the font Morgan picked for her menu bar and thank you

 And here's quite possibly the cutest-ever cd trifold. (If I do say so myself). The middle ring is of course where the cd will go, overtop of the cute little baby, so the circle border "should" peek out over the cd. Cute, eh? Yes, I realize that's the same photo in both. I had limited photos, and Morgan has the .psd files to choose whatever picture she wants in there, so I wasn't worried about it! :)
And I know, I KNOW, I should make sets like these for my Etsy shop...and a whole whack of other stuff. All in good time...that's partly why I'm taking the summer "off". Lol. I want to get some sort of a REAL shop put together anyways...or maybe nothing. Maybe I'll just go back to one job for a while. :)

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  1. I just got these in the mail from ProDigital and they are so so so cute! Love them! And yes, you totally should make more things like this for your shop! :)


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