Friday, February 24

Morgan and Blogger

I can't believe how behind I am in blogging about the projects I've finished in the past few months! I'll start with Morgan's, because she just blogged about working with me and she was just way too nice! Check out her blog and read her post here. And here's some photos. :)
I was so excited to transform a Blogger blog using some templates I came across at another awesome designer's website a few months ago. It's called Cinnamon Girl Studios , and the owner there is Timi, and she's as great as her website! I just about leapt for joy when I came across her site, because the possibilities she allows bloggers to have with her templates for such affordable prices are just endless! 
 Basically, I recommend people who are looking to save some cash and want to use Blogger, to purchase one of her templates, and her matching portfolio templates, (I think/hope she'll be adding more) and then I can come in and add custom design work on top of that. This way the client can still have a flash slideshow and an awesome built-in dropdown menu and things like a sliding facebook drawer tab for a super affordable price, and then they aren't having to pay me to have that custom stuff installed every time! (It wouldn't make sense to pay for that custom install work anyways, it would be just as cheap to sign up for ProPhoto in that case I would say). So Cinnamon Girl is just awesome to allow people to have great-looking free Blogger blogs!! Can you tell I like them? :)
 I love everything about Morgan's design, the background came out perfectly, the pinwheel garland was pure fun to make, the menu bar look just perfect on there...and that canoe!! For some reason I had been wanting to make a canoe, so tying in the ducks/pond theme with the canoe was awesome! :) Here's a little peek at Morgan's portfolio...go check it out to see how it works!
Ok, one blog shared...three more to go! :) I also should mention that I'm booked until about the middle of May right now, and I've decided that I'm going to take the summer OFF! Summers are too sacred (and short) in Canada to spend in front of my computer! I haven't decided yet if it will be just all of July/August or June too, but right now I know that for sure I'm only accepting two more blogs until I (maybe) start a wait list in September. AND the last two blogs I take have to be complete small stuff. :) 


  1. Your work is amazing! I'm excited for April!

  2. the title of this post should of been, 'I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS NOT PROPHOTO!" seriously. MIND BLOWING that this is BLOGGER! crazy cuteness too! i LOVE this one!

  3. Sooo cute! I love the pinwheel border. I can't believe this is blogger! great work!

  4. I LOVE my blog! Pam you are so awesome! I have had so many people tell me how much they love it!

  5. I'm excited too Chelsey!! You'll be my first Canadian! :) At least I think you were Canadian ? Lol. And thanks you guys...this was a fun one for sure!!


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