Tuesday, February 28


Ok, this header is just so cute and perfect in so many ways! Brittany came to me after all ready having her logo done by THE Joell from Summit Avenue (lucky girl!!), and she had most of her blog put together with her stuff too, but she just wanted to spruce up the header, so that's just what we did! She all ready had this pack of lace borders from Joell in her logo and landing page, so I thought how cute would a doily banner match all that with an added string of that perfect lace? And I was right, it was SO SO CUTE!! :) 
 Brittany found this cool white shape to add to the top too and even added the little scalloped border around her whole blog to match...got to love it when a client jumps in and helps out like that! Lol. I've been really lucky to have a lot of really great clients...it really makes a difference, and Brittany fit right in with the best of them!
Brittany was nice enough to say some majorly nice things about me here on her blog. :) And I'd design her blog all over again just for another post so nice! Lol. 


  1. Thank you, thank you again for the AMAZING work that you do!!! I was just showing my sister your blog and she was freaking out over all it's cuteness too :) We're going to have to start a Pam-a-holic club haha!

  2. LOVED this one! seriously don't know how you keep pumping out such freakin cute designs. I hate you. but I DON'T! :o)

  3. LOVE the doilies!! cutest patterns ever!

  4. This is so freaking cute! I love the doilies and the colors are awesome.


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