Monday, February 6

I'm Grosser Than You

I get paranoid that anyone who reads my blog would think that my house is always as clean as the little tours I do now and then. Because that is definitely NOT the case! So here's some pictures to prove it. This is what our house looks like on a daily basis. Please note the huge pile of dust collecting under the bench by the back door. :)
I've never washed my windows and I rarely wash our sheets. Yep, you read that right. I'm downright disgusting. I can't remember the last time I showered two days in a row...sometimes I only shower every third day. (Combine that with the lack of sheets washing...and yup, double gross.) I only change out of my sweat pants on Sundays (and Wednesdays now since I'm in YW), and I almost never wear a bra (except in public of course)! :) I think they are one of the most uncomfortable things EVER. (I know what you're thinking....what a lucky man Derick is. Right?) 
And since Derick works out in our basement, it almost always looks like this. The couches get turned into forts to distract the kids while he works on his physique. 
He is pretty darn good at putting everything back together, but again, this look is par for the course around here. And if you'll notice below, you can see the remnants of what used to be my cute bulletin-board wall. Baker (and Boston) had their way with it...ripping it apart to their little heart's content. Sad day! 
And while it may appear on the blog that I'm on top of a lot of things, trust me, I'm NOT! Remember, people don't blog about all the things they failed at! I don't take pictures of my pathetic appearance and blog all about what a slob I looked like that day. I don't take pictures of my dirty toilets or the crud stuck to our high chair. 

So my lack of personal hygiene and dedication to certain parts of my house is a big reason why I manage to get other things done around the house. Here's the rest....if I'm being honest. 

1. I don't cook. Like ever. Never ever. Derick does ALL the cooking. And it's dinners like Coconut Thai Chicken and Cordon Bleu. 

2. Derick cleans the bathrooms, has taken over the job of washing the sheets (can't imagine why), does all the vacuuming, cleans the kitchen floor, does 75% of all the laundry, and puts the kids to bed on his own 4 out of 7 nights a week (at least). I'm sorry if you feel like slapping me. 

3. Derick gets up with the kids every morning and lets me sleep in. (Just imagine what you could do waking up fully rested every single day!). He also gets up with any kid at night that isn't a baby who needs breastfed. :) 

4. Derick does 100% of the grocery shopping, and with all three kids. I'm sure Superstore think he's a single dad. I get to come sometimes on my days off, but for the most part, he takes care of that stuff. 

Now, just imagine all the things you could get done if your husband did all of those things! :) 

I'm actually always really nervous about sharing how much Derick does around the house. Even though I work as much (and as late) as I do, I can't help but feel like people probably think I'm a waste of skin for letting him do so much. But the fact is, he does those things when I'm physically working in our basement...I couldn't put the kids to bed if I wanted to, or cook dinner for that fact (I could do something in the crock pot I suppose...and once he starts working, I'm sure I will!) And if I WAS buying groceries and doing all of the cleaning, (we each do about half of it...I clean the kitchen every morning when I get up, and I do all the deep cleaning...the fridge and walls and blinds, stuff like that), then I'd be a huge stress basket and there'd be no way I could put in the hours I do to support the family. Call me a wimp, but especially with my new blog design business, I have about a billion things to keep track of, and a lot of people to answer to and deadlines to meet, so what we have works for us, and I don't feel the need to defend it by any means, but I do like explaining it! 

I just can't tell you how many other blogs I've come across that have immediately made me feel like a big huge failure. And it's nothing they've even said, it's just what their life LOOKS like to me. (For me, it's the design blogs that make me feel crappy...I wish I was so much further in my career in that regard). BUT it is just craziness to compare ourselves!! (One blog in particular I was super jealous of one day had a post about how much they wish they had a family/kids of their own...and I wanted to slap myself for wishing for any part of my life to be even a tiny bit different than it is right now.) 

There's absolutely no way possible for someone's blog to reflect what their life is really like, so just PLEASE don't ever think things are just roses and peaches over here. (I just made that phrase up.) Our life is normal...our house is messy, our marriage can be hard, our kids can drive us insane, and I PROMISE I'm grosser than you. And don't forget it! :)


  1. Oh my heck I LOVE love this post!! I often times feel like I'm lying or deceiving people when I only post pics of my clean house because aren't we all human and messy humans at that? I feel sooo weird when people think my life is "perfect." But really they're just basing their opinions on my skewed blog which only posts good things. So thanks for the reminder to be more real!

    Oh and p.s. I never shower every day either. And I like clean sheets but very rarely wash them as much as they need it:) ha ha. Oh yeah and my shower is disgusting right now. Send your hubby on over! LOL.

  2. bahahaha SO good. SO SO SOOOO good! lol

  3. Pam, I sneak a peak at your blog every so often, and just had to comment. I love this post! You are so talented with your camera, decorating, etc, etc! I wish I had half that talent, can I be like you when I grow up?!

  4. Hallelujah!!! I love this post. BTW, I am Eliza's friend and she always talks about you and she showed me your that's where I came from.

  5. Love this post! Looking at blogs always makes me feel like I am completely and utterly useless. But I am ooh so sad about that cute bulletin board...

    And your house looks cute even when it's messy.

  6. I was just going to say exaclty what tina said...poor bulletin board! your house didn't even look messy.

  7. AND you are funnier than the rest of us! I love a good mom vent/share. we are just moms and human right, doing our best. at the end of the day I love that we do what works for us, thanks for sharing.

  8. Love this so much! Thanks for the reminder that bloggers are just people too and not perfect crafting, designing, photographing supermoms who do everything right. Love the hot wheels track off of your desk and my basement is almost always set up as a fort too!

  9. Allegra, forget my hubby, I will come and clean your house top to bottom for free JUST so I can have an in-person tour!! Lol. The commute is no problem at all...ha ha.

    Jaime, I love that you take sneak peeks!! Thank you! Feel free to lock eyes with my blog any time and have long, romantic stare contests with it, k? ;)

    Erin, thanks for "introducing" yourself! Lol. I have two friends named Eliza, I'm thinking you're talking about my long lost friend in Australia now? :o) Give her a huge hug from me next time you see her!! We miss those guys!!

    Tina and Jennie, I know, so sad about the bulletin board. What the crap do I even do to fix it??

    Susie, I love you for thinking I'm funny. And what's funny to me, is that for some reason, getting a compliment that someone thinks I'm funny makes me WAY happier than anything else anyone could ever say! Lol. Kinda'

    Ashley, and I bet Tom has more fun setting up your tracks too just like Derick does at our house! Lol. He even hoards his favourite "fastest" hot wheels cars so the kids don't lose them! Lol.

    Leah...I am sorry yours is the only comment I didn't respond too...I still love you. Lol.

  10. I love this post! It is so easy to look at other people's lives and feel like somehow we are missing something because others seem to have it all under control all the time (especially through blogs!) We all have different strengths and use our time differently, so it's not fair to compare ourselves. I love how you always keep it real - in your blog and in your life!!

  11. Absolutely love this post Pam!! So glad to know you aren't totally perfect.. even though I think you are pretty close! A less tidy house usually means happy kids.. then when it's all cleaned up it makes it that much more rewarding! ALSO before Spence started working at 7 am every morning he let me sleep in every single day.. and I am talking reallllly sleep in. I won't even tell you what time I was waking up some mornings!

  12. Loved this post! We almost sound like the same person! ;) I love posting pictures of my messy house on my blog. It's like therapy!


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