Saturday, February 25


 I'm in love with how different Haleigh's blog turned out!! So fresh and unique. She made a board on Pinterest full of things she loved (I try and tell all my clients to do that, but sometimes I forget!), and we noticed lots of stuff was from Anthro. So I headed on over to their site, and ended up loving everything I saw, (shocking!) and so did Haleigh!
 So we based her headers on their site, and I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out! My favourite part by far is the little slice off of all of the that, and I am in love with the mint green ruffle...okay the ruffle in general. I made the background too and added some distressing, lovin' the scallops. She all ready had a logo, so we just incorporated it into the color scheme. 
Pretty sure my very favourite part of the blog is this menu bar though!! Who isn't in love with the plus sign? I am. 


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