Tuesday, February 28

Ok, this header is just so cute and perfect in so many ways! Brittany came to me after all ready having her logo done by THE Joell from Summit Avenue (lucky girl!!), and she had most of her blog put together with her stuff too, but she just wanted to spruce up the header, so that's just what we did! She all ready had this pack of lace borders from Joell in her logo and landing page, so I thought how cute would a doily banner match all that with an added string of that perfect lace? And I was right, it was SO SO CUTE!! :) 
 Brittany found this cool white shape to add to the top too and even added the little scalloped border around her whole blog to match...got to love it when a client jumps in and helps out like that! Lol. I've been really lucky to have a lot of really great clients...it really makes a difference, and Brittany fit right in with the best of them!
Brittany was nice enough to say some majorly nice things about me here on her blog. :) And I'd design her blog all over again just for another post so nice! Lol. 

Sunday, February 26

 How could I forget to blog the matching marketing set I made for Morgan's blog?? If you can take a WILD guess, you just MIGHT be able to guess where all of these cute papers are from. Yep, Summit Avenue. :) After we finished her blog, Morgan asked if I could make a matching marketing set, which is kind of fun for a change, so she bought these perfectly-matching papers, and after that the cards practically designed themselves! (Lol....I wish!) :)
 So the first two are the front/back of her business card. I should mention that I didn't make Morgan's logo, just helped color-coordinate it a bit and adjusted the font photography was written in to match a bit better.
 These are the front/back of her thank you card. I LOVE the font Morgan picked for her menu bar and thank you card...love.

 And here's quite possibly the cutest-ever cd trifold. (If I do say so myself). The middle ring is of course where the cd will go, overtop of the cute little baby, so the circle border "should" peek out over the cd. Cute, eh? Yes, I realize that's the same photo in both. I had limited photos, and Morgan has the .psd files to choose whatever picture she wants in there, so I wasn't worried about it! :)
And I know, I KNOW, I should make sets like these for my Etsy shop...and a whole whack of other stuff. All in good time...that's partly why I'm taking the summer "off". Lol. I want to get some sort of a REAL shop put together anyways...or maybe nothing. Maybe I'll just go back to one job for a while. :)

Saturday, February 25

 I'm in love with how different Haleigh's blog turned out!! So fresh and unique. She made a board on Pinterest full of things she loved (I try and tell all my clients to do that, but sometimes I forget!), and we noticed lots of stuff was from Anthro. So I headed on over to their site, and ended up loving everything I saw, (shocking!) and so did Haleigh!
 So we based her headers on their site, and I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out! My favourite part by far is the little slice off of all of the photos...love that, and I am in love with the mint green ruffle...okay the ruffle in general. I made the background too and added some distressing, lovin' the scallops. She all ready had a logo, so we just incorporated it into the color scheme. 
Pretty sure my very favourite part of the blog is this menu bar though!! Who isn't in love with the plus sign? I am. 

Friday, February 24

I can't believe how behind I am in blogging about the projects I've finished in the past few months! I'll start with Morgan's, because she just blogged about working with me and she was just way too nice! Check out her blog and read her post here. And here's some photos. :)
I was so excited to transform a Blogger blog using some templates I came across at another awesome designer's website a few months ago. It's called Cinnamon Girl Studios , and the owner there is Timi, and she's as great as her website! I just about leapt for joy when I came across her site, because the possibilities she allows bloggers to have with her templates for such affordable prices are just endless! 
 Basically, I recommend people who are looking to save some cash and want to use Blogger, to purchase one of her templates, and her matching portfolio templates, (I think/hope she'll be adding more) and then I can come in and add custom design work on top of that. This way the client can still have a flash slideshow and an awesome built-in dropdown menu and things like a sliding facebook drawer tab for a super affordable price, and then they aren't having to pay me to have that custom stuff installed every time! (It wouldn't make sense to pay for that custom install work anyways, it would be just as cheap to sign up for ProPhoto in that case I would say). So Cinnamon Girl is just awesome to allow people to have great-looking free Blogger blogs!! Can you tell I like them? :)
 I love everything about Morgan's design, the background came out perfectly, the pinwheel garland was pure fun to make, the menu bar look just perfect on there...and that canoe!! For some reason I had been wanting to make a canoe, so tying in the ducks/pond theme with the canoe was awesome! :) Here's a little peek at Morgan's portfolio...go check it out to see how it works!
Ok, one blog shared...three more to go! :) I also should mention that I'm booked until about the middle of May right now, and I've decided that I'm going to take the summer OFF! Summers are too sacred (and short) in Canada to spend in front of my computer! I haven't decided yet if it will be just all of July/August or June too, but right now I know that for sure I'm only accepting two more blogs until I (maybe) start a wait list in September. AND the last two blogs I take have to be complete makeovers...no small stuff. :) 

Saturday, February 18

I have had to resort to my iPhone for picture-taking because though I did have my sister's backup Nikon, she forgot to put her camera card in it. I was using the memory card from Derick's point and shoot (it's his, because he specifically bought it for his "activities". Lol. Like fishing, snowboarding,  quading and dirtbiking). Then he went snowboarding so had to take it back for his point and shoot. And after taking some (I'm sure killer "jumping" shots) of each other, he and his bro went for one last run, and Derick left the camera in his coat pocket...that wasn't zipped shut. Smell ya' later camera. So as a result, I have taken like five pictures in the last three weeks and it is SO BIZARRE. And refreshing. 
But I thought I'd share these sweet finds from my thrifting trip I mentioned last post! I always love seeing what people score, except I can't help but think, "oh man, they got all the good stuff, I never get that lucky!" Lol. Like really?? Why do we thinking that way? I think it's comical...there's plenty of junk and treasures out there for everyone. 
It was actually super funny, because I was like a giddy school girl. The thrifting planets had aligned, and I found three things I actually had been looking for for months! That never happens! Exibit A, the trophy-looking brassy things above. I want to create a collection of them for a shelf in Derick's imaginary office that so far only exists in my head. Teachers need at-home offices, right? ;) Exhibit B, the wooden shoe stretcher above. I have two of them, one is all ready on display. I first saw them on Mandy's awesomest-ever blog. (If you scroll down, you'll see the shoe stretcher in her entry). I also found a candle snuffer (complete with hook for hanging), because every man's home office needs one of those, right? And Derick found that cute little bat. And all the trophies have funny inscriptions like "Christina 1998" and "Steve and Debbie" or something like that. Awesomeness. 
Oh, and the little scroll-like thing is actually a song for one of those old player pianos. Cool, eh? But by far my BEST find was the garden gnomes!! I had been looking for awhile because one night while trying to fall asleep I discovered they would be perfect for Baker's room. Which I'm finally ready to share! (As soon as Leah brings me her spare camera card this weekend). I was seriously SO excited. His room ended up with a sorta' woodland creatures theme...and on top of that, seriously, don't little toddler boys remind you of garden gnomes??? So mischievous and little and fat! Eyes full of fun. He's drinking some yummy white hot chocolate out of that cup...and yes, dripping it on the phone. Definitely his favourite toy of choice. That photo was not taken with my phone, btw. :) And I'm currently still waiting for the Canon 5D Mark III to come out, at which point depending on its price, I'll either spring for the mac daddy itself, or I'll save some mula and get the Mark II on a fire sale (hopefully!). 

But back to the gnomes...I really am in love. Especially the one sleeping on his belly! Just like a good little baby gnome. And we love Gnomeo and Juliet in this house (by we, I mean Van and Boss, I've never watched it all the way through). Boston has a little blue jacket and when he puts the hood on it sort of pokes up at the top and he loves it and calls it his gnomeo coat. He wasn't too impressed with the green-hatted gnome. 

And in other gnome-related news, Leah has managed to stump me with the word gnome at least twice in Hanging With Friends. NOT COOL. But tonight (weirdly enough while I was posting) I solved the word gnomish against her. Like as if that is even a word!! She is a total word maker upper. Well too bad, I got you this time gadget. 

Can anyone tell it's after 1am? Yes, I'm in a weird mood. And your last piece of strange news, is that did you know that since 2007, 12 human feet have washed up on the shores of ocean in BC? Yes, you read that right. And I'm not sure if that fact alone is weird enough, but they identified all but 10 of them. How is that even possible? I know, it's really sad actually, but it's just my strange fact of the day I learned whilst captioning my life away in our basement, so I just had to share. And people wonder why I'm a safety nut when it comes to things like lifejackets. It's because I know the FACTS people!! Lol. Yes, I tried to get Derick to wear a lifejacket when he went ice fishing. No, he didn't listen. Just plain rude. 

Saturday, February 11

daddy-oh from Leah Lacey on Vimeo.

So Derick turned 30 last week, and (like I mentioned a few posts ago) I wanted to make it a big deal especially because he just graduated too, and birthday week was a hit! It was so fun...felt like my birthday week too because I got to do a lot of the fun stuff with him. :) We went to movies, ate out lots, I even snuck in some thrifting! We went shopping sans kids (I convinced Derick to buy a cardigan AND a sweater vest, lol), bowling with family, and he went snowboarding with his brother and ice fishing with his dad, and on the LAST day (his actual birthday), we ate at the Keg, and when we got home, I had our families meet us there for all of his favourite desserts. Yes, the hardest part of pulling off birthday week was by far making him a lemon meringue pie. But I nailed it! Don't be jealous.

And to top it off, (what I was most excited about all week long) I had my sister secretly put together this video for him that I showed at the end of it all. I know, I had my sister do it, so I take NO credit for it! Lol. I all ready had so many pictures of him with the kids and so I just snuck a little video in there and emailed them off and this is what I got back! Seriously...Leah, you're the BEST. It was his favourite part of birthday week (I made him list his favourite parts one through ten, so I know. Lol)

Oh, and if you're wondering where that CUTEST SONG EVER comes from, it's by Frances England. One of our songs in our last video was by her too. She sings the cutest children's songs ever (that are cool enough to listen too even if you're not a kid). Be careful, you'll be addicted to every song once you click over to her site!

Monday, February 6

I get paranoid that anyone who reads my blog would think that my house is always as clean as the little tours I do now and then. Because that is definitely NOT the case! So here's some pictures to prove it. This is what our house looks like on a daily basis. Please note the huge pile of dust collecting under the bench by the back door. :)
I've never washed my windows and I rarely wash our sheets. Yep, you read that right. I'm downright disgusting. I can't remember the last time I showered two days in a row...sometimes I only shower every third day. (Combine that with the lack of sheets washing...and yup, double gross.) I only change out of my sweat pants on Sundays (and Wednesdays now since I'm in YW), and I almost never wear a bra (except in public of course)! :) I think they are one of the most uncomfortable things EVER. (I know what you're thinking....what a lucky man Derick is. Right?) 
And since Derick works out in our basement, it almost always looks like this. The couches get turned into forts to distract the kids while he works on his physique. 
He is pretty darn good at putting everything back together, but again, this look is par for the course around here. And if you'll notice below, you can see the remnants of what used to be my cute bulletin-board wall. Baker (and Boston) had their way with it...ripping it apart to their little heart's content. Sad day! 
And while it may appear on the blog that I'm on top of a lot of things, trust me, I'm NOT! Remember, people don't blog about all the things they failed at! I don't take pictures of my pathetic appearance and blog all about what a slob I looked like that day. I don't take pictures of my dirty toilets or the crud stuck to our high chair. 

So my lack of personal hygiene and dedication to certain parts of my house is a big reason why I manage to get other things done around the house. Here's the rest....if I'm being honest. 

1. I don't cook. Like ever. Never ever. Derick does ALL the cooking. And it's dinners like Coconut Thai Chicken and Cordon Bleu. 

2. Derick cleans the bathrooms, has taken over the job of washing the sheets (can't imagine why), does all the vacuuming, cleans the kitchen floor, does 75% of all the laundry, and puts the kids to bed on his own 4 out of 7 nights a week (at least). I'm sorry if you feel like slapping me. 

3. Derick gets up with the kids every morning and lets me sleep in. (Just imagine what you could do waking up fully rested every single day!). He also gets up with any kid at night that isn't a baby who needs breastfed. :) 

4. Derick does 100% of the grocery shopping, and with all three kids. I'm sure Superstore think he's a single dad. I get to come sometimes on my days off, but for the most part, he takes care of that stuff. 

Now, just imagine all the things you could get done if your husband did all of those things! :) 

I'm actually always really nervous about sharing how much Derick does around the house. Even though I work as much (and as late) as I do, I can't help but feel like people probably think I'm a waste of skin for letting him do so much. But the fact is, he does those things when I'm physically working in our basement...I couldn't put the kids to bed if I wanted to, or cook dinner for that fact (I could do something in the crock pot I suppose...and once he starts working, I'm sure I will!) And if I WAS buying groceries and doing all of the cleaning, (we each do about half of it...I clean the kitchen every morning when I get up, and I do all the deep cleaning...the fridge and walls and blinds, stuff like that), then I'd be a huge stress basket and there'd be no way I could put in the hours I do to support the family. Call me a wimp, but especially with my new blog design business, I have about a billion things to keep track of, and a lot of people to answer to and deadlines to meet, so what we have works for us, and I don't feel the need to defend it by any means, but I do like explaining it! 

I just can't tell you how many other blogs I've come across that have immediately made me feel like a big huge failure. And it's nothing they've even said, it's just what their life LOOKS like to me. (For me, it's the design blogs that make me feel crappy...I wish I was so much further in my career in that regard). BUT it is just craziness to compare ourselves!! (One blog in particular I was super jealous of one day had a post about how much they wish they had a family/kids of their own...and I wanted to slap myself for wishing for any part of my life to be even a tiny bit different than it is right now.) 

There's absolutely no way possible for someone's blog to reflect what their life is really like, so just PLEASE don't ever think things are just roses and peaches over here. (I just made that phrase up.) Our life is normal...our house is messy, our marriage can be hard, our kids can drive us insane, and I PROMISE I'm grosser than you. And don't forget it! :)