Tuesday, January 10

Pam Lacey I Am

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I'd start the year off by sharing some of my fun finds from my trip to Whitefish with Derick's family. And when I say Whitefish, I mean Station 8 and Target! These pants and skirts were each like $22 or something? I've been searching for red pants for quite a while, but the problem with that is that I actually NEVER go shopping...so not a very good search strategy! 
Imagine my excitement to come across them for such a cheap price! Red pants aren't really an "investment piece" if you know what I mean. :) And these skirts showed up mid-trip...at least three trips to Target are always necessary.
I'm in love with these braided leather bracelets! I don't wear much jewelry...I don't even have my ears pierced. :) I love me some bracelets though!
Now on to the awesome stuff. I scored these antique Christmas decorations at Station 8 of course. The one above is actually a tree topper. I'm in love with it. The candlesticks (yes, one is still in the bubble wrap) were actually from Back in Time. Only $15 for the pair. They aren't real sliver, but the outside is. :) And they are heavy! (Like "Pam, in the study, with the candlestick" heavy!) Lol. They just scream Christmas to me. 
The boxes the ornaments came in were so cute too....and yeah, originally 24 cents! Seriously crazy!!! And I thought $25 was a steal. Ha ha. 
This cute little guy was only $2. He was the last one...things were pretty picked over, but I still managed to find lots of stuff. 
Got this antique tree garland too. Isn't it so unique and cute? It's porcelain..or glass or whatever, just like the other stuff. I got two strands, each was $25. So in love. 
Ok, my parents gave this canvas to everyone in my family, and this photo will explain my weird title! My maiden name is Lacey, and my grandpa (Art) was in a band for most of his life. It was called "The Ambassadors", and he sort of ran the show as far as I know. He passed away from cancer while my dad was serving his mission in New Zealand, so when he was 19 or so. I never met him...but I came across this poster that had been saved from one of his shows and oh my goodness I about died!! I went looking for it, one thing lead to another, and not a ton of our cousins have this in their home! Seriously, click on it and make it huge and read every.single.last.word in the poster. I promise it will be worth your time!!!! 
Some more colorful and random shots...and yes, a ding bell I got at Station 8 for $3. I've been obsessed with emerald green the past few months. I'm calling emerald green and grey the next big thing!!! Lol. I really don't know what I'm talking about..but I've been on the search for an emerald green cardigan and matching heels for the longest time with no luck. So I settled on green pants and green nail polish. (I've been replenishing my nail polish stash since..oh...Boston dumped out every single bottle I owned into our bathroom drawer and on the carpet. Yep. Oh yeah Sam, I just remembered about that link to green stuff you sent me! Ha ha..I'll go check it out now!
The big finds...of course, more numbers in my life. The 6 is actually super big...as big as my other 4. And on the other side is a 7, and there was one just like it with an 8. So if you see where this is going...no? RIGHT THEN AND THERE I had to decide if I was going to have five kids and be a family of seven, or six kids and be a family of eight! Just as my sister-in-law Sam the troubles it was causing me. Derick (he's a saint) was in the truck with the kids, and Sam (the dear) was taking Boston back to the truck for me...I told her to ask Derick for some advice. He said get the 7. She said, "but she doesn't like the number 7". He said, "get the 7." I got the 7. BUT I bet we make it to a family of eight! Lol. Just sayin'....
Oh, and the big 6 was $60. Yes, expensive. Yes, worth it. 
Ok, no offense to everyone else who gave me presents this year, but this deer was my VERY FAVOURITE! And it was from my bro-in-law (and Tina of course) Alan. Awesome, right???? It's just foam board and wood-grained drawer liner from the dollar store, and a lot of precision and skill. He used patterns he got off the internet...and I swoon over it every time I see it. I want it for my office and for Baker's room so badly...I might have to try and make another one! Maybe a rhino? He had my name for Christmas...so awesome, right? Van wouldn't let me see his face...if you can't tell. :)
I ordered this porcelain deer head for myself and for my sister from Urban. It was only $25 or something? I thought that was a good deal! Everything else you see pictured on my dresser was thrifted...I'm hopefully going to be taking full shots of my room soon, I have the coolest chair ever in there that I have no idea why I haven't shared it on here yet. 
And by the way, thank you to anyone who tells Station 8 (or any of the antique stores I've recommended) that you heard about them through me!! It was pretty funny...I told Colette (the awesome owner), "I'm not sure if you recognize me...I'm Pam from Canada (it'd been a year since I'd seen her), and she just thought I said that I knew Pam. She said, "oh, Pam Heggie? We just love her...sorry I don't recognize you!" Too funny...once I corrected her, it was fun hearing her thanks for all the people I'd urged her way! So I'm passing that THANKS on to you guys!! Seriously though..Station 8 is the best!!! 
Anyway...on to the next thing. :)


  1. ohhhh your just the BEST! I wanted to know what you got on your trip so thanks! and LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING! love the pants. love the bracelets. love the bell. love the numbers. LOVE the deer antlers. Love my porcelain deer and LOVE THE CANVAS!

  2. Stop sending people to station 8! It was such a well kept secret for so many years...
    So jealous you got to go at Christmas time!

  3. Cute post Pam! I love that you hate the #7 so much that you didn't show the reverse side to the #6 (which could be turned upside down to become a #9) so perhaps you guys will have 7 kids???

  4. I am also in love with those antique christmas deco's...
    you are a girl after my own {design} heart.
    Love the cute blog


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