Friday, January 20


Not sure if anyone's noticed the little button on the side of my blog just recently that says I'm a contributor for The Blog Guidebook, but today it's official!! :) My first post went up, and I'm super nervous! Lol. You know how easy it is to worry how what you've written will be received...and I actually still can't believe I was even accepted to be one in the first place!

I've been following Sarah and Lyndsey's blog for a while, it's just great to keep a person in the know as far as the blog world goes...their blog is a very unique idea that I love. :) Their little description says it best under their header "The Premier Blogging Resource". When they put out their call for contributors for the new year, I knew I had to apply! I think stuff like that is what keeps blogging fun and interesting.

Anyway, go check out their blog, and add your name to their free listing. It's like a yellow pages for blogs...awesome, right?
And of course, I need a picture...this picture cracks me up every time I look at it! It's from summer, and I love the look on Baker's face and the way he's settled himself in on top like, "yeah, I own this place, what of it?"


  1. i love baker!!! he is so precious! if I had time I would follow all of those blogs Pam! the way it goes right now, yours is one of the elite few that garners my viewing attention.

  2. How did you get to be so cool?? But seriously... Ha :o)

  3. Congrats Pam!!! That is so exciting.

  4. ha ha that picture is awesome.!! love that baker man!! and the other two aren't too bad either ;) and nice work on that other blog, you're hard core!

  5. I'm with Sam on that one...also with her on the Baker that picture is the BEST. Nice work on the blogging!


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