Saturday, January 28

A 34-photo layout

I all ready talked about my system here when I shared Van's baby book and more here when I shared Boston's book, but I just did Boston's 2 to 3 year layout, and had to share since I was so impressed with myself for fitting 34 pages on the two-page layout!! 
There's a letter of the alphabet and then numbers on each photo, and a matching letter/number at the place the journaling talks about that specific photo. My plan was to do two-page layouts per year until I felt that wasn't enough space, and I ALMOST pushed these photos on to four pages, but I just knew I could do it in two! 
I did both the photo layout and journaling in Photoshop. I printed the photos as a 12X12 and then cut out the middle. The journaling consists of four text boxes total that I then printed on an 8.5 by 11 paper with my own printer. I added spaces between the words of some of the text boxes so that the ends of the sentences made it the very edge of the box (like a newspaper). 

Anyway, I just can't help myself but try and get as much info and pictures into a layout as possible. With all ready three kids and lots of family pictures, I don't want to be drowning in books! I figure if each kid has two to three books by the time they are 18, then that's an okay number! I do LOVE the photo books people print off, but I just know that I would really miss scrapbooking! I love it so much, and love the texture to the papers, the handwriting I get to add, and love that I can add to my kids' books over time. 

Derick's birthday is Friday February 3rd, and he's turning 30 and since he also just graduated, I thought it would be fun to plan a big week full of fun stuff and surprises instead of just the usual birthday night out. And I'm having the HARDEST time not telling him everything! I can't wait until it's over so I can share some of the fun stuff from it! He opens an envelope every night telling him what he gets to do the next day. Friday he went snowboarding, and tonight it's sushi and a movie. Thank goodness for family who are making it all possible!!! 


  1. CUTE!! love it. wish i was half as disciplined with pictures/journaling as you are!!

  2. did his envelope for tomorrow say you were getting in the car and driving to calgary?? I WANNA SEE BOSS, BAKES AND VAN SO BAD! i bet he'd love that. those pictures of boston are too typical. i LOVE that skid. mmmm sushi!!


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