Saturday, January 28

I all ready talked about my system here when I shared Van's baby book and more here when I shared Boston's book, but I just did Boston's 2 to 3 year layout, and had to share since I was so impressed with myself for fitting 34 pages on the two-page layout!! 
There's a letter of the alphabet and then numbers on each photo, and a matching letter/number at the place the journaling talks about that specific photo. My plan was to do two-page layouts per year until I felt that wasn't enough space, and I ALMOST pushed these photos on to four pages, but I just knew I could do it in two! 
I did both the photo layout and journaling in Photoshop. I printed the photos as a 12X12 and then cut out the middle. The journaling consists of four text boxes total that I then printed on an 8.5 by 11 paper with my own printer. I added spaces between the words of some of the text boxes so that the ends of the sentences made it the very edge of the box (like a newspaper). 

Anyway, I just can't help myself but try and get as much info and pictures into a layout as possible. With all ready three kids and lots of family pictures, I don't want to be drowning in books! I figure if each kid has two to three books by the time they are 18, then that's an okay number! I do LOVE the photo books people print off, but I just know that I would really miss scrapbooking! I love it so much, and love the texture to the papers, the handwriting I get to add, and love that I can add to my kids' books over time. 

Derick's birthday is Friday February 3rd, and he's turning 30 and since he also just graduated, I thought it would be fun to plan a big week full of fun stuff and surprises instead of just the usual birthday night out. And I'm having the HARDEST time not telling him everything! I can't wait until it's over so I can share some of the fun stuff from it! He opens an envelope every night telling him what he gets to do the next day. Friday he went snowboarding, and tonight it's sushi and a movie. Thank goodness for family who are making it all possible!!! 

Monday, January 23

So it's my birthday today, and I saw that quote on Pinterest and thought, "wow, I DO think 1990 was ten years ago!" Lol. Wrong, you're getting "old", Pam. I asked for a day schedule so I could have the evening off, and didn't think about the fact that that would mean I would have to work at 7am! I had to wake up at 6:30, earlier than I EVER do. Ha ha. I think I'll somehow survive though. ;) 
Thought I'd share these bday pics from Baker's number one back at the end of that kid is cute! It's all I can do to squish him Got that little crown from Target in the summer and I was so happy he wore it. Derick's dad fought (and BEAT) cancer this past summer/winter...he rocked the bald look like no other. Love that picture of him reading to Van. 
Yep...kept the picture with Baker half cut out of it (E for effort Derick) because I like it of me...and my roll isn't even that obvious. Oh, it is now? Dang it. 
Stop by for free squishes any time. 
I made those ice cream cone cup cakes...only a few for the kids. It was so much easier for Baker to pick up and eat than a normal cupcake...and cuter. Win/win. 
All we got Baker was this little shape sorter. I plan on buying as few presents for kids who really would be happy with a cardboard box for as long as possible! For Van's first birthday we cut up an old 2X4 and sanded the edges down for homemade blocks...still haven't painted them! Cute though...and free. 
I attempted cake pops, and they did not go so hot. Derick had to take over (yep, you read that right). He was a much better dipper than me! I ended up with enough for a cute little display for the kids, but most of them looked a lot like this.  That photo gave me and Derick a good Pinterest laugh! 
Derick's parents bought the boys this cute wagon (Boston's birthday was only a few weeks away), and the kids loved it. 
Love this picture so much...Van home from the park, tuckered right out on the couch...still holding his balloon. It pays to always have your camera close! 
So I'm 29 today...I picked baking powder biscuits and sausage AND bacon for breakfast. And chocolate milk. :) YUMMY. And we're not going out later either, Derick always makes me my birthday dinner, because I'd rather eat what he makes than a restaurant. He's making me salmon with lemon dill sauce, stuffed mushrooms and shrimp. My favourite! Yes, he's THAT good of a cook...I'm a lucky lucky woman. 
Fun fact I learned from my morning news and MacGuyver share the same birthday. Nice. 

Friday, January 20

Not sure if anyone's noticed the little button on the side of my blog just recently that says I'm a contributor for The Blog Guidebook, but today it's official!! :) My first post went up, and I'm super nervous! Lol. You know how easy it is to worry how what you've written will be received...and I actually still can't believe I was even accepted to be one in the first place!

I've been following Sarah and Lyndsey's blog for a while, it's just great to keep a person in the know as far as the blog world goes...their blog is a very unique idea that I love. :) Their little description says it best under their header "The Premier Blogging Resource". When they put out their call for contributors for the new year, I knew I had to apply! I think stuff like that is what keeps blogging fun and interesting.

Anyway, go check out their blog, and add your name to their free listing. It's like a yellow pages for blogs...awesome, right?
And of course, I need a picture...this picture cracks me up every time I look at it! It's from summer, and I love the look on Baker's face and the way he's settled himself in on top like, "yeah, I own this place, what of it?"

Monday, January 16

I was printing pictures to finish off our 2011 family album and thought I'd share some Christmas pics. They were all shot with my sister's back-up Nikon D90. It doesn't have the greatest Auto White Balance (you can tell the pictures are sort of purplish/blueish), but I thought I'd share anyways! I thought these clown noses would be fun for the kids. I ordered two off Amazon. I got two bags of noses instead of two noses. Lol. 
I find Christmas hard to take pictures of because the sun is constantly changing as it slowly rises since you wake up to almost totally dark outside, and I wasn't about to take a custom white balance with every other picture, so oh well! (Read up about custom white balance in your manual if you're not sure how to do that...manuals are awesome for that kind of stuff!) Ordered those glasses off of Amazon for Derick's stocking (since he majored in General Science for his Education Degree...which makes him a science nerd in my books). 
The kids' got two main presents this year, a bunch of different dress-up clothing and a box of legos. The legos are in a flat tupperware under Van's bed, and have so far managed to stay only in his room and not all over the house, which makes me super happy! We got almost every single thing for their dress-up trunk on clearance after Halloween. Van was in love with his Buzz arms. I meant to make all sorts of handmade accessories to go with the costumes, buuuut I didn't. I figured it would be fun to make stuff with the boys. Crafts they'd actually be interested in...and then be able to appreciate how much time that stuff takes! A jet pack for Buzz is number one on the list. 
We did our annual purge of a bunch of toys right before Christmas...I have this weird thing not wanting my kids to have a ton of toys because I didn't have a lot of toys. Yeah, it's weird, I know...most are the opposite. Maybe it's really because I just don't like the clutter in my house, but really, I think the play better with less toys than they do with lots! Our boys always pick up babies at other peoples' houses, so we bought them the Ikea babies for Christmas. Turns out, Baker's the only one who likes them. :)
Or maybe it's because the song on Toy Story always makes me cry when the little girl drops her toys off at the end of a road to be donated. I seriously had a BOND with my few toys growing up, and want my kids to have the same bond! I KNOW. I'M A LOSER. 
We had Christmas dinner at Derick's parents' house, and I loved Van concentrating so hard trying to play checkers with Grandpa. And meanwhile, Boston played with the new bowling set from the Land of Nod they got from Grandma and is seriously the cutest bowling set ever!! The bowling ball is the best touch of's all so real. I'm so in love with it! And just to can tell the white balance is better in these last two photos, since the light was really great in there, the auto white balance worked a lot better! 

Oh, and speaking of our family album, I plan to try and photograph it and share it soon, but in the meantime, check out what my awesomely-talented friend Ashley does with her photos! Make sure and check out her equally awesome photography while you're there. :)

I've had so many nice comments about our video. I seriously can't express how much I love it, and how much I know others will too if they have one done. I've had some say they wouldn't be able to do something like be videoed in a grocery store, but the point is to just do whatever it is that you do as a family! Whether it's playing monopoly or cooking dinner or doing's all cute. Families are just cute!! Any size or shape...including whatever shape your house is in...I PROMISE! Heck, it would even be cute without kids! For some reason it's accepted to be all mushy/cute in engagement shoots, and wedding pictures, but then never again until you have kids, and I disagree!! You don't need kids to validate documenting your life in such an awesome way! :) That was random.

Lol...I just heard Derick say (yell) to Van, "why the heck would you bite me????"A game of wrestling always seems to end in a good bite! Ha ha.  

Other random note. My job would be lots more fun if the Raptors or the Flames EVER won. Heck, I'd be happy if Canada's only UFC fighter on the card the other night had won!! But nope. Guess the nice guys always finish last! 

Tuesday, January 10

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I'd start the year off by sharing some of my fun finds from my trip to Whitefish with Derick's family. And when I say Whitefish, I mean Station 8 and Target! These pants and skirts were each like $22 or something? I've been searching for red pants for quite a while, but the problem with that is that I actually NEVER go not a very good search strategy! 
Imagine my excitement to come across them for such a cheap price! Red pants aren't really an "investment piece" if you know what I mean. :) And these skirts showed up least three trips to Target are always necessary.
I'm in love with these braided leather bracelets! I don't wear much jewelry...I don't even have my ears pierced. :) I love me some bracelets though!
Now on to the awesome stuff. I scored these antique Christmas decorations at Station 8 of course. The one above is actually a tree topper. I'm in love with it. The candlesticks (yes, one is still in the bubble wrap) were actually from Back in Time. Only $15 for the pair. They aren't real sliver, but the outside is. :) And they are heavy! (Like "Pam, in the study, with the candlestick" heavy!) Lol. They just scream Christmas to me. 
The boxes the ornaments came in were so cute too....and yeah, originally 24 cents! Seriously crazy!!! And I thought $25 was a steal. Ha ha. 
This cute little guy was only $2. He was the last one...things were pretty picked over, but I still managed to find lots of stuff. 
Got this antique tree garland too. Isn't it so unique and cute? It's porcelain..or glass or whatever, just like the other stuff. I got two strands, each was $25. So in love. 
Ok, my parents gave this canvas to everyone in my family, and this photo will explain my weird title! My maiden name is Lacey, and my grandpa (Art) was in a band for most of his life. It was called "The Ambassadors", and he sort of ran the show as far as I know. He passed away from cancer while my dad was serving his mission in New Zealand, so when he was 19 or so. I never met him...but I came across this poster that had been saved from one of his shows and oh my goodness I about died!! I went looking for it, one thing lead to another, and not a ton of our cousins have this in their home! Seriously, click on it and make it huge and read every.single.last.word in the poster. I promise it will be worth your time!!!! 
Some more colorful and random shots...and yes, a ding bell I got at Station 8 for $3. I've been obsessed with emerald green the past few months. I'm calling emerald green and grey the next big thing!!! Lol. I really don't know what I'm talking about..but I've been on the search for an emerald green cardigan and matching heels for the longest time with no luck. So I settled on green pants and green nail polish. (I've been replenishing my nail polish stash since..oh...Boston dumped out every single bottle I owned into our bathroom drawer and on the carpet. Yep. Oh yeah Sam, I just remembered about that link to green stuff you sent me! Ha ha..I'll go check it out now!
The big finds...of course, more numbers in my life. The 6 is actually super big as my other 4. And on the other side is a 7, and there was one just like it with an 8. So if you see where this is RIGHT THEN AND THERE I had to decide if I was going to have five kids and be a family of seven, or six kids and be a family of eight! Just as my sister-in-law Sam the troubles it was causing me. Derick (he's a saint) was in the truck with the kids, and Sam (the dear) was taking Boston back to the truck for me...I told her to ask Derick for some advice. He said get the 7. She said, "but she doesn't like the number 7". He said, "get the 7." I got the 7. BUT I bet we make it to a family of eight! Lol. Just sayin'....
Oh, and the big 6 was $60. Yes, expensive. Yes, worth it. 
Ok, no offense to everyone else who gave me presents this year, but this deer was my VERY FAVOURITE! And it was from my bro-in-law (and Tina of course) Alan. Awesome, right???? It's just foam board and wood-grained drawer liner from the dollar store, and a lot of precision and skill. He used patterns he got off the internet...and I swoon over it every time I see it. I want it for my office and for Baker's room so badly...I might have to try and make another one! Maybe a rhino? He had my name for awesome, right? Van wouldn't let me see his face...if you can't tell. :)
I ordered this porcelain deer head for myself and for my sister from Urban. It was only $25 or something? I thought that was a good deal! Everything else you see pictured on my dresser was thrifted...I'm hopefully going to be taking full shots of my room soon, I have the coolest chair ever in there that I have no idea why I haven't shared it on here yet. 
And by the way, thank you to anyone who tells Station 8 (or any of the antique stores I've recommended) that you heard about them through me!! It was pretty funny...I told Colette (the awesome owner), "I'm not sure if you recognize me...I'm Pam from Canada (it'd been a year since I'd seen her), and she just thought I said that I knew Pam. She said, "oh, Pam Heggie? We just love her...sorry I don't recognize you!" Too funny...once I corrected her, it was fun hearing her thanks for all the people I'd urged her way! So I'm passing that THANKS on to you guys!! Seriously though..Station 8 is the best!!! 
Anyway...on to the next thing. :)