Wednesday, December 21

Christmas Holly

Finally I can share Holly's blog! And just in time for Christmas! Ha ha. A lot of work went into this one, and I was so excited to see our ideas come together and actually WORK! Lol. 
Holly is an awesome photographer in the Phoenix area, and she is not only gorgeous herself, along with her photography, but she has four stinking cute kids too! It was seriously fun to work with her and get to know her. I always hate when things come to an end with my "new" friends! Ha ha.
 We used a shape from (none other) than Summit Avenue, and the papers in the flags and her background came from there as well. I LOVE it when photographers buy her stuff for me to work with and tie everything together. It makes things so much easier!
 I'm pretty proud of these "pom poms", and the way the banners come down on the sides....just sayin'.
 Lots of close-ups.
 And this one is just so you can enjoy this cute baby in this bucket in a little stream. Are you kidding me with that cuteness?? Holly also blogged about the new design here. Nicest girl ever.
And speaking of nice girls, I was feeling bad I didn't actually BLOG the last blog I worked on, because it was so fun, and Janice was a serious delight to work with! :) 

So here's a close-up of her new blog...but go check out that one too! I love those suitcases...that's all I really did actually, was the menu and the logo on her blog. And she also blogged about the design here. That makes two nicest girls ever. 
Time to go figure out one last Christmas present...

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  1. Hello, I am interested in a design of a blog and website…similar to the style of Holly’s. Do you have a pricing page that I can look at …or could you give me general idea of what the cost would be for something similar?

    Thank you , look forward to hearing from you!
    PLS. email @


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