Saturday, November 12

She's Good at Standing

Seriously!! If I had half the naturalness my sister Leah does in front of the camera I'd be happy! It's totally a skill, and I'm not sure if it's a skill that can even be learned or taught! 
It sure makes it so super fun for me to take pictures of her though! I'm extra in love with these ones the leading lines...and I pretty much risked my own life and the life of my camera to get these shots! Worth it!!
It was time for some new pictures for Leah. She wanted something recent for her fb page and she's also about to get a seriously WICKED new blog, (that I might have had a hand in), so she needed some equally-wicked pictures. 
We went around our grandparents' old farm to take these when we were all home for Thanksgiving dinner. I really truly am in love with every single last picture!! If I had even ONE of me that I liked this much, I'd be happy. Jealous much? Yep, I am. 
Pretty sure this picture is self-explanatory. :) She's VERSATILE! So CALL HER!
It's pretty much the funnest thing ever having a sister interested in photography. Having her to always take pictures for us and not to mention our family VIDEOS. She's working on one right now, and I can't wait for it! 
I'm hoping these new pictures and her new blog GUILT her into hurrying up and finishing it! :)
This one on the green can is definitely in contention for my favourite. But I really truly could not choose just one. 
We took these last four when it was ALL but dark outside, so they aren't as super sharp, but I love them just as much as the others...everyone should get to have a photoshoot of themselves if you ask me! Actually, I'm making Derick let me do a photoshoot of just him! Ha ha...I'm excited. Except I hate winter. 
I forced myself to sit down and blog these pictures today, they've been done for awhile, but it's been insane here the last few days. Since the one and only Skye  was kind enough to post a  link to my blogsite from her fb page, my email inbox has been full of lovely requests by even lovelier photographers and the like who want a little makeover for their blog. It's seriously been insane. I'm booked until February!! So if anyone is at all interested in having something done, I'd book fast!! I all ready am sad I have to tell people who are inquiring that it's that long of a wait, so I'm going to do my best to work hard and finish early so that I can move people up! So that's why I had to force myself to blog, time has been scarce this week! My blog is what's led to these opportunities though, and I still LOVE to blog, so I will always make time at some point! Never fear! :) 
Now I'm off to work on installing Leah's blog...I really shouldn't be this excited about a blog. BUT I AM!


  1. seriously. your ahhhmazing. ha i feel silly though commenting on these pictures. can't WAIT to see the blog installed though! Have I mentioned YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holy smokeshow Leah! I know a saw a couple earlier today but it was just fabulous looking at all of them. You work it girl!

  3. that leah....where was she the other day when I need tips for my glamour shots? hahahah stunning pics, loved every last one, and I am UBER excited for her new blog (prob because I have had a sneak peak)

  4. Sooo pretty Leah! These pictures are awesome. And you are such a good photographer Pa,. What a talent!


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