Sunday, November 13

Leah Lorna 2.0

I'm so so so so so excited about Leah's blog! I had this idea quite awhile ago, and I was putting it off because I knew it was going to take a TON of design work. Like a ton. I needed to change up her blog since I've learned SO much since I redid it last time, and she was coming down this weekend, so we powered through, pulled one 3:30 am night, and got it DONE! I love it so much, I'm thinking of offering it as a template others can buy...this kind of cuteness needs to be shared I think! :) Oh, and I also want to make that little frame/temple combo into a button for blogs to take people to Wouldn't that be cute?? 

Now for the "sources". :) The couch is an Anthro couch, but it had a flat back, so I made it cuter! The chair is just a wingback chair, but I used one from Urban Outfitters to get the perfect angle for sitting. The two end tables and coat rack are also Urban (see a trend?) and so is the lamp by the chair (I have that lamp and LOVE it!). The curtains are also Urban, and I think they are what I am the very most proud of!! I was scared of trying them at first, not sure if I could make a chevrons "drape" like curtains...but if I do say so myself, I think I nailed it! :) 

The curtain rod is Anthro, the frame I just made myself, and the bag on the coat rack is actually the camera bag me and Leah both want for Christmas. I've wanted it for two years pretty much...I think this year is the year. :) The background is from none other than Image Garden. Oh, and the ghost lamp on the little round table...just from my house. :) The piano represents the other part of her life...she's an awesome piano teacher to 35 lucky students in Calgary. She's also getting close to completing her teacher's ARCT diploma with the Royal Conservatory. That's tough stuff!!

Every part of the header is actually a link to different things! Oh, and how could I forget the Cardston Alberta Temple picture? I actually made that for my class months ago, and have been meaning to add some finishing touches and get it in the Etsy shop...I love it, and am going to print it on a wrapped canvas...I'm excited! Oh, and the frame the temple is in is actually one of those oh-so-popular and cute Organic Bloom frames. They are so freaking cute...and the equally cute Krystie sells them if you are interested! Okay, that was lots of linking. Sorry I didn't link Anthro and Urban, they should really just be your homepages though. Forget facebook! :)

ETA: I got the digital papers for the rug and the pillows from Shabby Princess for free. There's definitely some gems in those packs! If I ever made this into a template, I'd for sure either make some myself or buy some paper that came with a commercial license. :) Check their stuff out, it's cute!


  1. It looks really good. Glad you finally finished it.

  2. seriously can't THANK YOU ENOUGH! I love love love it. I can't believe you A)came up with this and B)did ALL this work! seriously. luckiest person ever! Template! Template! Template! Def needs to be shared :o)

  3. its amaaaazing! if i knew how to link to leah's page i would and u could read all of my comments about your handy work. you are one talented lady!

  4. This looks awesome! I can't even imagine how much time you spent on this one!! Great job.

  5. GREAT JOB!! it looks amaaaazing!! love the little temple! and the camera and well everything!


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