Tuesday, November 1

Hoo Let The Owls Out?

What a fun day! Okay, I have a barrage of family members soliciting my fb wall for pictures, and they aren't giving up, so being the great relative I am....behold, a TON of owl pictures! For once, everything went really great with this project. I decided late Saturday afternoon to sew matching owl costumes for everyone. I just wasn't feeling the kids' costumes from last year...they were cute (even got Boston a new shark one for $9 from Old Navy that day), but I needed a break since Van had been a lion two years running all ready. 
So I rushed to Marshall's for the felt, jersey fabric for their hats, and fur for their "breasts". And then off to Michael's for the feathers and the masks. I was so excited when I found feathers of all colors there, and even got the 40% off coupon after just showing it to them on my phone. Handy!
I always try and squeeze in a quick photoshoot either before/after trick or treating, but right when we were on our way, it started to rain/hail. Huge bummer...we were able to wait it out, and make it to the Trunk or Treat just a little bit late. 
I was so excited when I found this little spot that was perfect for the "owls" to climb around on!! I really am so surprised at how great everything turned out!! It sounded simple in my head when I planned it out, but it never turns out to actually BE simple! This time it did....hip hip hooray. 
Derick (of course) was a huge help again. He cut out the grey fur to match the fronts of their tee shirts perfectly, and I sewed them on. He made the kids' masks after I made one (and he made himself one too!). We both cut out felt "feathers" (so did Aunt Jennie and Aunt Sam...THANKS GUYS!), and then  I sewed the wings together and made the hats, and Derick cut out and sewed (yes, sewed) the felt coverlets for their shoes, and I glued the feathers on them. 
I love me some family teamwork!! :) The kids were even excited. At first they said they were itchy, so I was worried, but that faded fast. Boston's wings were a bit small for him, but that was okay in my books, if that was the biggest casualty of my no-measure and never-pin-anything sewing attitude! :)
I was dying over Baker. DYING. He loved his little costume, and barely even pulled at his mask much. What more could a mom ask for? :)
Some good shots of their wings. Adding the real feathers was the perfect touch!! 
Boston really wasn't too thrilled about having his picture taken...he thought he signed up for trick or treating, not a photoshoot! I even got him to take a nap earlier with bribes of trick or treating. (We took away his soother last week, and it has been a million rounds of Boston versus Mom/Dad every day since. He quit napping, but is still exhausted...maybe he'll get used to it, maybe he just needs to be coaxed better to take a nap...every day is touch and go!) 
Finally at the Trunk or Treat! I love that the kids' first choice of candy is the plain old suckers. The ones we think are gross are their favourites. It's a great relationship. 
The whole family of owls...it was so fun being a matching family of owls...I seriously loved it! Someone (not sure who they were) even asked to take a picture of us! Funny. We got home and Van says, "everybody loved us mom." Lol! I promise that's not what I teach him is important! Ha ha. Oh, and I have to add...I may or may not have (I did) help mask my "roll" with Photoshop! Ha ha...I know, what's the point of doing it if I'm just going to tell everyone anyways? The point is that now I can LOOK at that picture and see the cute family instead of the ugly roll!! Ha ha...but I felt the need to tell everyone for the sake of keeping it REAL. I had three c-sections in exactly 3.5 years, and I eat chocolate bars, chips and pop at least every other night of my life...so no, my stomach is NOT flat. And if it ever looks flat to you, I'm prob wearing a girdle. Lol. 
Sexy chest hair. Love Derick's huge bushy feather eyebrows...he "designed" it himself. He's the best. 
We did a little trick-or-treating to some friends and neighbors houses afterwards...I wanted the kids to do some "real" trick-or-treating. They loved it...it wasn't even too freezing either for Canada, always a plus! It would have been a shame to cover up cute costumes with coats!! The best part of the whole day for me was when we got home and the kids realized that trick-or-treaters were coming to OUR house too. They answered the door and each gave out the candy every time...and then Boston decided it was a good idea to YELL at and scare everyone. It was hilarious...a 2 year-old greeting everyone with "AHHHHH!!" and outstretched claw-like hands when they opened the door. Everyone got a good laugh. :) All in all a GREAT day. So glad I had the day off from captioning to spend the entire thing with the family. 


  1. Okay, I may have just been grinning like a fool the whole time!!!! You are too cute and creative Pam! I think you get my vote for cutest family costumes! Somebody has a girl crush....

  2. Oh my I am in love with those little owls! I think I need to do a family of owls next year. It will take the whole year to convince Roman, but I'll do it!

  3. AAAAH pam they turned out SO cute! love their little feather feet! you need to show me this "cut out my roll" mask!! ha ha

  4. ok i just loved every single one! they look so cute! i am so glad you got pictures in the trees, cause they are just DARLING! i even showed my colleague at work...couldn't be prouder!

  5. That is the cutest costume idea ever!!! I love it!!! Nice work!

  6. Oh I'm a sucker for owls and those little boy owls are the cutest!! Love Boston's little pouty face too :)

  7. So adorable! I love matching costumes.

  8. round two. They are SO flippen cute! They turned out so good! I wish I could of come trick or treating to your guys' house! ha you should of filmed boston!! Loved it all!

  9. You are amazing you all look awesome!!

  10. Absolutely crazy adorable! You make me want to learn to sew! You don't know me...I saw mention of you by Skye Johansen on Facebook today. She's right, you're amazing!

  11. ARE YOU KIDDING?! cutest costumes EVER!! I'm in love with these. You're so talented.


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