Saturday, November 5

Four Generations

A friend from church saw Karley's pictures  I took and decided they had to have some done for themselves. Love that!! 
She wanted some four generation pictures with her parents too, and their cute little grandbaby. Usually a shoot like that has the potential to get stressful, but since their family was mostly adults, I wasn't worried! :) It's the kids that scare me! Ha ha. 
Loved these two in black and white. These two were naturals in front of the camera!! They said they got lots of practice from their wedding which was not so very long ago! How come I was still awkward in front of the camera after my wedding? :) And how cool are their dogs?? I was excited to photography dogs! Mac and Molly were very well behaved. :)
And this cute little family are my VERY next door neighbors! :) Kayla's house is always immaculate, and their lawn is perfectly green and pedicured, and their walks are always promptly shoveled and then SWEPT! Ha ha...I'm so not jealous. (I am.) Not to mention she runs a DAYCARE. Seriously, and so does her mom, and if her mom's is anything like Kayla's, then it is awesome.
The only thing that didn't go well with the shoot was the fact that I forgot to get some individuals of Lincoln right off the start while he was still happy and warm. He was NOT having it, so the other day, we went down to the end of our block and snapped a few of a happier, warmer Lincoln! 
I'm beginning to be jealous that I don't have a family picture in this cute culvert!
It can sometimes get a tiny bit boring shooting in the same location, but I don't blame people for wanting their pictures's an awesome place!
These two are my the family culvert picture...complete with the dogs in the top one!! And a good sibling picture will get me every single time!! Thanks guys!! It was fun working with and meeting the whole family! :) And for some weird reason, I'm going to schedule this post for 9am on Saturday morning, even though it's now 12:47am Friday night and I am just done writing it....I usually schedule things for the morning so people don't think I'm a spazz staying up too late to there goes that strategy out the window. 

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  1. ha I was just gonna say. k stop taking pictures in front of these cute culverts because they're making me SO jealous!!! Such a great idea!!! I love these all! Love the b&w!! oh and I love her cardigan!


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