Tuesday, November 29

Bye Bye Bibs

I'm pretty sure I first saw these little handkerchief bibs on made. That's the only sewing blog I follow...sewing is pretty far down on my list of hobbies, but it IS still on the list! :) 
Sometimes when you can't buy what you want, you have to attempt to sew it! I usually do a terrible job that's slapped together and never ironed afterwards, but that's fine with me. I LOVE how these turned out. I just bought shirting flannel and used jersey fabric and some sweatpant sort of material too. So much cuter to soak up the drool!
Or be a bandit. I made bigger ones for the boys for fun. Maybe I can get Derick to wear one at night to catch HIS drool!! Lol! I don't even know HOW people sleep with their mouths open. I've tried it a few times when I've been sick and have a stuffy nose, and I can't do it!! 
And it's a good thing Ava is so cute, because these vests I made her need all the help they can get! I love how the ruffles turned out, considering they were the first time ever trying a ruffle, but the actual "fit" of the vest....well, it didn't fit! Ha ha. Oh well, who needs to do up their vest anyways? :)
I made these one weekend when Jolene (my sister) was in town for a visit. She was checking out all the cute stuff on Matilda Jane, in particular, a vest. I told her we could make two vests before the day was done. I didn't realize when I said "we", she'd interpret that as "only Pam". Lol. Anyway, I DID finish them in a day, but I definitely would do them both differently next time! :) Like say, use a pattern...and possible measure something... If I had a girl, I'm pretty sure I would sew a TON more...so much of that MJ stuff could be sewn, don't get me wrong, I would be doing my fair share of ordering from that lovely little store, but I would also do my fair share of sewing too I think! And for the record, I personally think a few of the MJ items make little girls look like gypsy hobos! Lol! DON'T HATE ME!! :o) 

Ok, I'm off to work on another post...if anyone is looking to buy a camera or some lenses, then STAY TUNED. Christmas came early for me this year. ;)


  1. hahaha typical jolene comment! you should of collected the fee! Your brand is much cuter then MJ's anywho! ha seriously LOVE these bibs but HATE it when you post pictures of baker and I can't squish his chubbiness in real life!!!

  2. Hey Pam was the one who said she could sew them...so I let her!!!

  3. wow i am impressed! you are gonna leave me in the sewing dust!!


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