Tuesday, November 29

I'm pretty sure I first saw these little handkerchief bibs on made. That's the only sewing blog I follow...sewing is pretty far down on my list of hobbies, but it IS still on the list! :) 
Sometimes when you can't buy what you want, you have to attempt to sew it! I usually do a terrible job that's slapped together and never ironed afterwards, but that's fine with me. I LOVE how these turned out. I just bought shirting flannel and used jersey fabric and some sweatpant sort of material too. So much cuter to soak up the drool!
Or be a bandit. I made bigger ones for the boys for fun. Maybe I can get Derick to wear one at night to catch HIS drool!! Lol! I don't even know HOW people sleep with their mouths open. I've tried it a few times when I've been sick and have a stuffy nose, and I can't do it!! 
And it's a good thing Ava is so cute, because these vests I made her need all the help they can get! I love how the ruffles turned out, considering they were the first time ever trying a ruffle, but the actual "fit" of the vest....well, it didn't fit! Ha ha. Oh well, who needs to do up their vest anyways? :)
I made these one weekend when Jolene (my sister) was in town for a visit. She was checking out all the cute stuff on Matilda Jane, in particular, a vest. I told her we could make two vests before the day was done. I didn't realize when I said "we", she'd interpret that as "only Pam". Lol. Anyway, I DID finish them in a day, but I definitely would do them both differently next time! :) Like say, use a pattern...and possible measure something... If I had a girl, I'm pretty sure I would sew a TON more...so much of that MJ stuff could be sewn, don't get me wrong, I would be doing my fair share of ordering from that lovely little store, but I would also do my fair share of sewing too I think! And for the record, I personally think a few of the MJ items make little girls look like gypsy hobos! Lol! DON'T HATE ME!! :o) 

Ok, I'm off to work on another post...if anyone is looking to buy a camera or some lenses, then STAY TUNED. Christmas came early for me this year. ;)

Monday, November 21

Yes, technically, these pictures are "old", and it would have been much better to have blogged them in August when our 10-year reunion actually took place, but I said that I would share them....and so I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't! ;)
Plus, I thought this idea turned out pretty cute! I wanted something like this to do at the reunion, and knew it would be just a matter of setting my camera up and handing people the remote...so why not? 
Not as many hopped in front of the camera as I would have liked, but oh well! I get it...letting your picture be taken by someone else's camera...and then they get to see them first before you...ha ha. Not some people's idea of fun.
Melissa and I have been friends since we were babies...it's the best! I am sometimes sad my kids don't really have anyone like that they are close to, besides cousins...and for Van, his friend is a girl! Ha ha...not sure if that's the same. :)
Me and Brad go back to grade nine. I honestly LOVE staying in touch with people and working on friendships...and never letting them drift away! This is probably annoying for most of my friends though! Lol. Brad helped me plan everything...it was nice having someone to bounce ideas off of, and he was even more excited than me about it...we were a great team! 
Me and Darin! Also friends since grade nine I'm thinking? :) There were two elementary schools in our small town that were joined in grade five...so it took awhile to get to know everyone from the "other" (not NEAR as cool) school. :)
Most of the "girls" that were there...we were missing some. Tear. But I was so happy these girlies were able to make it! 
Jordan and me...friends since kindergarten. :) We used to carpool together...and I was always so jealous of her cute hair. Her mom knew how to dress little girls and do their hair. My mom DID NOT. Lol. Oh well, I'm stronger for it! :) She came over the night before and helped me make these sweet dollar store glasses with pipe cleaners. She made those funny pink ones, so we made her wear them. :)
It was July 16th, 1999...summer night, I was having a party, and up walked Jordan with some friends from Raymond. One of which was Derick. And the REST is history! Ha ha. Don't worry, I know that I'm a loser. You don't have to feel sorry for me. I'm okay with this. 
The parade. For some reason, I think this was the funnest part for me! I didn't have to worry about how things were going, I just got to sit and throw candy! I have never thrown candy in a parade, and man can it make a person feel good! Lol! Everyone just cheers and claps for you...so you throw them candy, and they cheer and clap more! :o) Yes, we know our sign says "Gard 2001". Some of our choice (I don't say that sarcastically) members of our class spraypainted "Gard 2001" on the grain bins that year...you know, instead of the usual Grad 2001. They did it to be funny...but they had everyone going for a long time that it was an accident. I never believed it though! :) They even made "loser of the week" on the local radio station. Awesome. I'm throwing candy to my family here...don't worry, I wasn't the only one standing up on the whole parade like a loser. Ha ha...though that would have been funny!! 

Sunday, November 13

I'm so so so so so excited about Leah's blog! I had this idea quite awhile ago, and I was putting it off because I knew it was going to take a TON of design work. Like a ton. I needed to change up her blog since I've learned SO much since I redid it last time, and she was coming down this weekend, so we powered through, pulled one 3:30 am night, and got it DONE! I love it so much, I'm thinking of offering it as a template others can buy...this kind of cuteness needs to be shared I think! :) Oh, and I also want to make that little frame/temple combo into a button for blogs to take people to lds.org. Wouldn't that be cute?? 

Now for the "sources". :) The couch is an Anthro couch, but it had a flat back, so I made it cuter! The chair is just a wingback chair, but I used one from Urban Outfitters to get the perfect angle for sitting. The two end tables and coat rack are also Urban (see a trend?) and so is the lamp by the chair (I have that lamp and LOVE it!). The curtains are also Urban, and I think they are what I am the very most proud of!! I was scared of trying them at first, not sure if I could make a chevrons "drape" like curtains...but if I do say so myself, I think I nailed it! :) 

The curtain rod is Anthro, the frame I just made myself, and the bag on the coat rack is actually the camera bag me and Leah both want for Christmas. I've wanted it for two years pretty much...I think this year is the year. :) The background is from none other than Image Garden. Oh, and the ghost lamp on the little round table...just from my house. :) The piano represents the other part of her life...she's an awesome piano teacher to 35 lucky students in Calgary. She's also getting close to completing her teacher's ARCT diploma with the Royal Conservatory. That's tough stuff!!

Every part of the header is actually a link to different things! Oh, and how could I forget the Cardston Alberta Temple picture? I actually made that for my class months ago, and have been meaning to add some finishing touches and get it in the Etsy shop...I love it, and am going to print it on a wrapped canvas...I'm excited! Oh, and the frame the temple is in is actually one of those oh-so-popular and cute Organic Bloom frames. They are so freaking cute...and the equally cute Krystie sells them if you are interested! Okay, that was lots of linking. Sorry I didn't link Anthro and Urban, they should really just be your homepages though. Forget facebook! :)

ETA: I got the digital papers for the rug and the pillows from Shabby Princess for free. There's definitely some gems in those packs! If I ever made this into a template, I'd for sure either make some myself or buy some paper that came with a commercial license. :) Check their stuff out, it's cute!

Saturday, November 12

Seriously!! If I had half the naturalness my sister Leah does in front of the camera I'd be happy! It's totally a skill, and I'm not sure if it's a skill that can even be learned or taught! 
It sure makes it so super fun for me to take pictures of her though! I'm extra in love with these ones below...love the leading lines...and I pretty much risked my own life and the life of my camera to get these shots! Worth it!!
It was time for some new pictures for Leah. She wanted something recent for her fb page and she's also about to get a seriously WICKED new blog, (that I might have had a hand in), so she needed some equally-wicked pictures. 
We went around our grandparents' old farm to take these when we were all home for Thanksgiving dinner. I really truly am in love with every single last picture!! If I had even ONE of me that I liked this much, I'd be happy. Jealous much? Yep, I am. 
Pretty sure this picture is self-explanatory. :) She's VERSATILE! So CALL HER!
It's pretty much the funnest thing ever having a sister interested in photography. Having her to always take pictures for us and not to mention our family VIDEOS. She's working on one right now, and I can't wait for it! 
I'm hoping these new pictures and her new blog GUILT her into hurrying up and finishing it! :)
This one on the green can is definitely in contention for my favourite. But I really truly could not choose just one. 
We took these last four when it was ALL but dark outside, so they aren't as super sharp, but I love them just as much as the others...everyone should get to have a photoshoot of themselves if you ask me! Actually, I'm making Derick let me do a photoshoot of just him! Ha ha...I'm excited. Except I hate winter. 
I forced myself to sit down and blog these pictures today, they've been done for awhile, but it's been insane here the last few days. Since the one and only Skye  was kind enough to post a  link to my blogsite from her fb page, my email inbox has been full of lovely requests by even lovelier photographers and the like who want a little makeover for their blog. It's seriously been insane. I'm booked until February!! So if anyone is at all interested in having something done, I'd book fast!! I all ready am sad I have to tell people who are inquiring that it's that long of a wait, so I'm going to do my best to work hard and finish early so that I can move people up! So that's why I had to force myself to blog, time has been scarce this week! My blog is what's led to these opportunities though, and I still LOVE to blog, so I will always make time at some point! Never fear! :) 
Now I'm off to work on installing Leah's blog...I really shouldn't be this excited about a blog. BUT I AM!

Saturday, November 5

A friend from church saw Karley's pictures  I took and decided they had to have some done for themselves. Love that!! 
She wanted some four generation pictures with her parents too, and their cute little grandbaby. Usually a shoot like that has the potential to get stressful, but since their family was mostly adults, I wasn't worried! :) It's the kids that scare me! Ha ha. 
Loved these two in black and white. These two were naturals in front of the camera!! They said they got lots of practice from their wedding which was not so very long ago! How come I was still awkward in front of the camera after my wedding? :) And how cool are their dogs?? I was excited to photography dogs! Mac and Molly were very well behaved. :)
And this cute little family are my VERY next door neighbors! :) Kayla's house is always immaculate, and their lawn is perfectly green and pedicured, and their walks are always promptly shoveled and then SWEPT! Ha ha...I'm so not jealous. (I am.) Not to mention she runs a DAYCARE. Seriously, and so does her mom, and if her mom's is anything like Kayla's, then it is awesome.
The only thing that didn't go well with the shoot was the fact that I forgot to get some individuals of Lincoln right off the start while he was still happy and warm. He was NOT having it, so the other day, we went down to the end of our block and snapped a few of a happier, warmer Lincoln! 
I'm beginning to be jealous that I don't have a family picture in this cute culvert!
It can sometimes get a tiny bit boring shooting in the same location, but I don't blame people for wanting their pictures there...it's an awesome place!
These two are my favourite....love the family culvert picture...complete with the dogs in the top one!! And a good sibling picture will get me every single time!! Thanks guys!! It was fun working with and meeting the whole family! :) And for some weird reason, I'm going to schedule this post for 9am on Saturday morning, even though it's now 12:47am Friday night and I am just done writing it....I usually schedule things for the morning so people don't think I'm a spazz staying up too late to blog...so there goes that strategy out the window. 

Tuesday, November 1

What a fun day! Okay, I have a barrage of family members soliciting my fb wall for pictures, and they aren't giving up, so being the great relative I am....behold, a TON of owl pictures! For once, everything went really great with this project. I decided late Saturday afternoon to sew matching owl costumes for everyone. I just wasn't feeling the kids' costumes from last year...they were cute (even got Boston a new shark one for $9 from Old Navy that day), but I needed a break since Van had been a lion two years running all ready. 
So I rushed to Marshall's for the felt, jersey fabric for their hats, and fur for their "breasts". And then off to Michael's for the feathers and the masks. I was so excited when I found feathers of all colors there, and even got the 40% off coupon after just showing it to them on my phone. Handy!
I always try and squeeze in a quick photoshoot either before/after trick or treating, but right when we were on our way, it started to rain/hail. Huge bummer...we were able to wait it out, and make it to the Trunk or Treat just a little bit late. 
I was so excited when I found this little spot that was perfect for the "owls" to climb around on!! I really am so surprised at how great everything turned out!! It sounded simple in my head when I planned it out, but it never turns out to actually BE simple! This time it did....hip hip hooray. 
Derick (of course) was a huge help again. He cut out the grey fur to match the fronts of their tee shirts perfectly, and I sewed them on. He made the kids' masks after I made one (and he made himself one too!). We both cut out felt "feathers" (so did Aunt Jennie and Aunt Sam...THANKS GUYS!), and then  I sewed the wings together and made the hats, and Derick cut out and sewed (yes, sewed) the felt coverlets for their shoes, and I glued the feathers on them. 
I love me some family teamwork!! :) The kids were even excited. At first they said they were itchy, so I was worried, but that faded fast. Boston's wings were a bit small for him, but that was okay in my books, if that was the biggest casualty of my no-measure and never-pin-anything sewing attitude! :)
I was dying over Baker. DYING. He loved his little costume, and barely even pulled at his mask much. What more could a mom ask for? :)
Some good shots of their wings. Adding the real feathers was the perfect touch!! 
Boston really wasn't too thrilled about having his picture taken...he thought he signed up for trick or treating, not a photoshoot! I even got him to take a nap earlier with bribes of trick or treating. (We took away his soother last week, and it has been a million rounds of Boston versus Mom/Dad every day since. He quit napping, but is still exhausted...maybe he'll get used to it, maybe he just needs to be coaxed better to take a nap...every day is touch and go!) 
Finally at the Trunk or Treat! I love that the kids' first choice of candy is the plain old suckers. The ones we think are gross are their favourites. It's a great relationship. 
The whole family of owls...it was so fun being a matching family of owls...I seriously loved it! Someone (not sure who they were) even asked to take a picture of us! Funny. We got home and Van says, "everybody loved us mom." Lol! I promise that's not what I teach him is important! Ha ha. Oh, and I have to add...I may or may not have (I did) help mask my "roll" with Photoshop! Ha ha...I know, what's the point of doing it if I'm just going to tell everyone anyways? The point is that now I can LOOK at that picture and see the cute family instead of the ugly roll!! Ha ha...but I felt the need to tell everyone for the sake of keeping it REAL. I had three c-sections in exactly 3.5 years, and I eat chocolate bars, chips and pop at least every other night of my life...so no, my stomach is NOT flat. And if it ever looks flat to you, I'm prob wearing a girdle. Lol. 
Sexy chest hair. Love Derick's huge bushy feather eyebrows...he "designed" it himself. He's the best. 
We did a little trick-or-treating to some friends and neighbors houses afterwards...I wanted the kids to do some "real" trick-or-treating. They loved it...it wasn't even too freezing either for Canada, always a plus! It would have been a shame to cover up cute costumes with coats!! The best part of the whole day for me was when we got home and the kids realized that trick-or-treaters were coming to OUR house too. They answered the door and each gave out the candy every time...and then Boston decided it was a good idea to YELL at and scare everyone. It was hilarious...a 2 year-old greeting everyone with "AHHHHH!!" and outstretched claw-like hands when they opened the door. Everyone got a good laugh. :) All in all a GREAT day. So glad I had the day off from captioning to spend the entire thing with the family.