Saturday, October 1

Three Little Indians

I'm pretty sure these pictures speak for themselves concerning the amount of fun one would have photographing an event of this sort. But just in case they don't, it was SO MUCH FREAKING FUN! Lol.
Ever since the boys got their teepee (from Land of Nod) last Christmas, I've been drearming of a Three Little Indians shoot. I used halloween body paint, and made their hats from dollar store feathers and felt.  
The bow and arrows are from the dollar store too, and I PROMISE for anyone who has kids and hasn't played with these will be some of the most fun they've had in a long time! My kids are obsessed with them...along with any kids who come to play, too! 
Anyway, back to the subject at hand...these three adorable little "indians". One of the reasons it was so fun was because they just did everything naturally. All of their poses aren't posed at all...they just played in the field as if they were out to get their was great!!
The part where my legs itched for weeks after wasn't so fun, but still WORTH IT! :) Thanks to my mom who helped out mostly dressing the boys and keeping Baker from smearing it everywhere. We did it out by my parent's house since they live in the country. 
This ends a bit of a blogging break for me! But it hasn't been a break by any means...I've been re-designing my blog (on a 'test' blog I have), and I am SO frustrated! Lol. I've learned so much, and I'm closer now than I've ever been to being done, but I still feel so.far.away, and everything else just feels stuck until I finish it. I can't believe the time I've spent on it! So that's why the break from blogging. Apologies. :) 
And for anyone who can't get enough of these cute kids, I put the rest of the pictures from this shoot on's the link! 
I'm pretty sure we don't have to be "friends" in order for the link to work, but let me know if it doesn't!! And if we aren't "friends," introduce yourself so we can be!! Lol. I actually need to blog about my thoughts on friends and fb. Note to that. Ha ha. 


  1. This is offensive.
    Lindsay Seely

  2. Hi lindsay,
    I apologize if anything I said was offensive. I just love dressing up my kids and taking pictures of them. I really don't understand how Ive offended anyone and certainly didn't mean to. I have lots of native friends and have nothing but love for everyone. I viewed dressing them up like this just like I dressed them up as something cute and fun to do. I certainly hope this shoot didn't come off as some sort of stereotype I have of the natives, that would be the last thing I would want. Again, apologies, and if there's anything else I can do or say, feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks!

  3. Ok how on earth is this offensive? I don't understand that. It's a halloween costume. But anyways, adorable and I have looked at these pictures about 20 times now.

  4. agreed. not offensive. adorable!

  5. Thanks guys. It's all good though, Lindsay emailed me, and apparently the paint has a really sacred meaning.. I had no idea! Glad it's worked out though!

  6. that's still just kinda sad. These pics are some of my favorite cuz of how much fun the boys are having. Clearly you didn't mean to offend anyone or be ignorant to their beliefs and traditions. Hopefully she was kind when being informative and not just rude.

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that Lindsay is a Indian and Tina, Jennie, and Leah are not. Is it okay to do stereotypical pictures of Indians because their fun? And I have to ask too, was she rude?

  8. Hi shllsmith,
    I see no email linked to your profile, so I'll address your comment here, though I much prefer email, as it is hard to portray sincerity and understanding in a blog comment, but I hope you understand that this photoshoot in no way means that this is my stereotype of natives.

    Teepees, bows and arrows, paint on the body, and feathers, to me, is associated with the native heritage and culture, but that is that wrong? And I mean that sincerely, as I truly am having a hard time understanding. And though they are what I associate with the native heritage, I also want to be clear that I do so in a good way, and not in a demeaning way. I think natives have a wonderful heritage of how they lived off the land and in teepees with their families and as tribes...

    I feel like using it as a "costume" was truly just in the spirit of playing dress-up with my kids...just as I am currently working on cowboys costumes to give to them as part of their Christmas present, which is a trunk full of dress-up clothes....super hero stuff and the like. I would never dream of teaching my children that by dressing them up like that, this is what indians are, and that's it, end of story. No, it is your heritage, I think it's an awesome heritage, and I just thought it made for an adorable photo shoot setting.
    Concerning Lindsay's email, both hers to me, and mine back to her, were sincere, blunt, and honest, and I appreciated her willingness to discuss it with me more, so we could have a better opportunity to try and understand each other's positions, as I hope you and I can also do!
    Thanks for your interest,

  9. I think that regardless of Pam's intentions, Lindsay as an aboriginal person should be allowed to find the photos offensive. I was really surprised by some of the previous comments. It is sad that in this day and age non-aboriginal people consider themselves the experts in what is, and what is not, offensive to aboriginal people.

  10. Hi Kendra,
    You are very right, people have every right to be offended by my pictures if they so choose, and though it is my own personal blog which I do not force anyone to read, I want people to be able to feel like they can share any concerns they may have about it with me.
    And for that matter, I'm glad Lindsay did, as I really, truly had no idea that something of this nature could possibly be offensive to anybody. I think my friends' comments are a combination of that misunderstanding as well, and also, it's just partly due to the nature of the internet. It's so easy for us all to type things that we would never dream of saying to somebody's face, and I'm sure once learning a little more about the situation and the people involved, every single person who has posted on this thread would hopefully be able to feel that at the end of the day, we all really do respect one another and just hopefully understand each other better now.

  11. When I told Pam her post offended me, I didn't do it anonymously. We've known each other since kindergarten. I purposely only wrote three words and then we continued our conversation privately. It was not my intention to be mean or cause a fight, nor was she ever anything but nice to me back. I explained what part of her photographs were offensive to me and why, and I believed her when she said she didn't understand and just thought it would be a fun idea for a photo shoot with her boys. We both felt really good about what was said and neither Pam nor I left with hurt feelings. Pam is a talented and creative photographer, and I look forward to seeing her next ideas. 

  12. Pam, I have been a silent follower of your blog the last little while, absolutely loving all that you do! This was super adorable and I figured it was about time I made a comment! These and the map ones are my faves!

  13. Why thank you Katie! :)
    And thank you Lindsay!! I'm so glad we both feel good about everything and are on the same page...I think this is a great example of how much a little open communication can accomplish! :)

  14. These pics are too cute :) Great photography!


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