Saturday, October 22

Ruffle Quilt

Okay, so I know, two posts in one day, but LOOK AT THIS DEAL!!! I actually all ready ordered two a few days orange one and a grey one. Ya, there used to be grey....but there's still orange and white! I love the Twin XL size too, it's perfect for on the couch, and it looks so cute folded in half at the bottom of a bed with a white duvet....that's what I do for even our King size bed sometimes when I want to mix it up! GO BUY A BUNCH!! 
Oh, and I have to give credit to super deal-stealer Sam, my sister-in-law. Yeah, that's right, we're Sam and Pam Heggie. Jealous?


  1. dang it pam. i am now obsessed with that site. so many cute things - thanks for making me aware!

  2. I totally posted a comment on this yesterday...yay for our quilts arriving this week!


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