Wednesday, October 5

Life Outside Amy

So my neighbour was asking for some help picking out fabrics to make pillows with in her living room, and she sent me some she was looking at, and they were all Amy Butler. I had to laugh, because I did the EXACT same thing about a year and a half ago. Picked out four different Amy Butler fabrics, and made EIGHT pillows and TWO SETS of matching curtains from them, and a few months later, sold everything! Ha ha. I made my money back, which is all I ever aim to do when I go through spazz sessions like that. I think sometimes because Amy Butler stuff is SO cute, it gets used a TON, and I was having a hard time seeing my prints in so many places, and I was tired of my pillows/curtains in seriously a week! Ha ha. 
So anyways, I told her I'd find some fabrics that I also thought would look great in a living room, as I have ben looking for something to redo our lampshades in our bedroom anyways, and had been meaning to look online at my favourite site, I'm not sure about its variety they offer compared to others, so if someone has checked out others they love, share them in the comments! Anyway, here's the favourites I found this go round. Most of the fabrics are Ty Pennington (I LOVE his fabrics), and Joel Dewberry...I've been in love with his deer print for one's surprised.
I love the bottom right's canvas! Wouldn't it be cute cut out and framed? I just might do that. The bottom left two are flannel, and I think would make a super cute boy blanket. (Not an announcement...just forever on the search for cute boy things). :)
I love the second to the right in the top could embroider right on it for extra detail, or just use it like cute. But I think my very favourite...and possible winner for my lampshades makeover is the far right fabric in the top picture. I really wanted to bring in a touch of pink to the lampshades though, so I might keep looking...
Anyway, have a look over there if you're needing fabric for anything! I like to browse through their fabric by designer. They ship right to your door...though sometimes I ship to my Montana address I use for the free shipping. I also love because they include a handwritten thank you note, and I LOVE touches like that! Anyway, thanks for the distraction Kayla! :) Hope some of these choices helped! 
Okay, and I just realized I had a picture of my "old" living room! I went digging through the archives though and couldn't find it, but here's a few I found that at least had them in the background. :)
Cute 2 year-old Van with his cousin Keaton. And a get together with some of my friends! And my wall color is different too...this was the third color I painted...I painted cream over this, and have been in love with it ever since! :) 


  1. those are all super cute! my couch is in some serious need of some color. If only i had someone you could sew that would get on that for me!! :)

  2. oh my gosh! A person who is new to the fabric world could go bonkers searching for a certain look!

  3. What a nice lookin blog ya got here:)


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