Wednesday, October 12

The Hills

Okay, Ashley's coming over tomorrow to pick these up, so I better get the sneak peek up! How cute is baby Hayes' with his shaggy hair? 
And how cute is this entire family? We did the shoot in Magrath where Ben trains horses....I think that's what he does there? :) It was fun shooting in a different location!
I had an IMPOSSIBLE time picking which pictures to edit/delete, let alone which ones to post! I always end up giving extra pictures to people, because it's just WRONG to delete cute pictures of a family being together. Am I right?
Love the ones by this red barn in the corral with the can't see the horses...but they were there staring me down. (Me and Derick are BOTH afraid of horses. I know, makes no sense...I have a thing for cowboys...just not the horses they are on. Ha ha.)
Bronx (pink shirt) gave us ONE smile. Lucky I got it! And how cute is Addie's outfit??? Seriously...seeing Addie's outfits on Sunday are the highlight of church every week!
Red rover, red rover, send Hayes on over!
Me and Ashley have this same yellow BEST CARDIGAN EVER from Gap. It matches everything. She is also wearing a dress from Target that my sister banned me from buying because I, "have way too many prints right now." So I bought the polka dot one, and then was mad I did when I saw Ashley wearing this one! Ha ha.  
And then there's her shoes. Aren't they the cutest things ever??? I should have done a close-up of them. You'll never guess where they're from. ZELLERS! For like $22 or something ridiculous like that. I went the next day to buy the same ones and try and be just like her, and they didn't have my size. I sent my sister to the Zellers in Calgary, and they had NO sizes. Sad day...I'm going to just have to be plain old me. 
Thanks for the cute shoot you two!


  1. I love clicking on your blog and seeing your new one on here! So flippen cute! and those shoes are pretty cute. Did you guys know your basically the same person? too cute! these are all adorable!! Addie is seriously SO adorable! Please have a little girl soon mmmk? thanks!

  2. uber cute pam, as always!


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