Tuesday, October 11

Grandpa and Grandma

Derick's studying (BOOOOO) so thought I'd blog until bedtime. I think I've gone to bed without him like four times in my life...yes, I'm needy, and I don't like being alone! :)
Meet Derick's lovely grandparents on the Heggie side. They are actually the only grandparents either of us have left, so I was more than happy to do a photoshoot of just them, as I would give most anything to have some pictures like this of my own grandparents. 
Not to mention the fact that his grandparents have pretty much ran the July 1st rodeo for forevvvver...so when I first took pictures of Derick's cousin's family here, we all thought it would be a perfect idea to do some at the same place with their grandparents. 
And I'd have to say that I think they turned out pretty great!! How could they not with subjects as cute as them to work with. :)
Love these two of his Grandpa...Derick loves to bug me, as I've always had a thing for cowboys! Ha ha...good thing he can pull off wranglers well when he needs to. Lol. 
I wished I could have spent all afternoon with them listening to his Grandpa's stories...he was much more interested in telling stories than posing for pictures. :) I have actually always wanted to do more senior citizen photography....I'm quite positive I could specialize in nothing but that and be perfectly happy!!
And this, folks, is what I like to call the money shot! I went back and forth between whether to post the color version or the bw one, and in the end, bw won out because I think it's just such a nostalgic picture, it needed the drama of some black and white! Am so.in.love with this shot...it's up in the announcer's booth where he's spent a LOT of time. 
And then I got to finish things up with pictures of this cute little pair of sisters. They are Derick's cousins' kids....how darling are they and their boots? Derick came along and helped me since it was his family I was shooting and we were in Raymond, so we had someone to watch the kids. I think it would be SO much fun to have him as my second shooter all the time...loved having him there. :) 


  1. LOVE, love them Pam!! Can't wait to get my hands on some, they'd better print out a lot :)

  2. pam those are fantastic!!! i think the first one is my favorite!! good work!

  3. Pam these pics are so cute! I want to do a shoot at the rodeo grounds. We should do some in the spring. Thanks for showing me how you did thst other picture so cool:)

  4. awwwwwwwww! okay. i love love LOOOOVE the money shot! love love love them all! seriously so so cute!


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