Thursday, October 27

Diagonal Stripes

I'm obsessed with diagonal stripes! Every shape, color, thickness, all of it...I'm pretty sure everyone is though. :) Right up there with the grey and yellow I think!! The diagonal stripes just sort of got here though it feels like! Anyway, my Christmas cards are finally DONE-ZO! They sort of took over my life there for a while, because I'm out of control and they had to be perfect. I promise they are not all grey and yellow! :) Who cares if they were though, right? There's a reason it's so popular...because it's cute! 
I'm SUPER excited about the new die-cut cards (the ones that are different shaped). I recommend printing them with Pro Digital Photos in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I should be getting mine in the mail soon, and they were awesome to work with! I'm getting all their paper samples too...they have so many super nice choices that are all double-sided...pearl, linen, pearl-linen, pebble and thick pearl. That's a lot of pearl! :) They're prices are totally sweet too, mine ended up being $32 for 25 cards, a die-cut 5X7 double-sided, including shipping and envelopes! I probably need twice that many, but I had to cut back a little this year! :) Anyway, I'll even take care of the shipping/ordering for everyone if they want, it's just a different price in the shop is all...I didn't want anyone to shy away from getting the die-cut cards for fear of facing the ordering system! (Even though it's not too bad.) Anyway, go check out all my hard work! :) 
Now if only I could muster up enough energy to get my butt and the three kids to zumba...I LOVE zumba...just don't love the work it takes to get there! Lol. My gym does have the best teacher on the planet though, so I really have no excuse for not getting there! 


  1. love these! can we photoshop a baby into a pic of lanny and I so we can have cards?

  2. These are SO cute! love all of them in your shop too! good work!

  3. cute pam!! i ordered mine from them this year pearl paper!
    oh...are you moving to c-town by any chance?


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