Saturday, October 22

The Bevans'

How cute is this family??? I'm pretty sure this is my favourite family one! The first picture usually is for some reason! 
Thought I'd mix up the old tube picture with some black and white!! Love it. 
First saw the awesomely-talented Angie Monson take this picture of the equally-awesome TJ Aneca's for the kids, and a good depiction of life! :) Love Christal's face. :)
Guess who was behind me getting REAL smiles out of the kids?? :) Yup. Dad. 
Biggest brother's serious bw doesn't really fit, I know, but don't you just love it??? 
I can't decide which one of just the four kids is my favourite because I just LOVE THEM BOTH!! And I love shadow pictures too...and I'm excited to try more! 
These couple shots just make me HAPPY!
And love this last one of baby brother sneaking a peek!! Speaking of sneak peeks, this one is over! WICKED segue eh??? Ha ha. Okay, so I know there's been a ton of photo shoots on here lately, it is my goal today to take pictures of a new part of the house and blog it next!! I still have my office, the spare room, our bedroom, and Baker's room left to blog, and then the house tour is over! I'll be sad. Don't worry, I'll change the whole thing soon enough. :) 


  1. AW SO SO CUTE! I love this first pic! Love the leading lines! Cristal your family is so adorable! They're all my fav!!! ps i love your cardigan too C!!

  2. This family is so cute! The black and white one is definitely my favorite!!

  3. Thanks so much pam can't wait to see them all love those black and whites!! ttys

  4. Super cute!! Love the tunnel one the bestest!


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