Monday, October 31

Okay, I need to get this room blogged, so I can get back to catching up on posting the shoots I've been doing this month! I'm still really excited about this room, because it is missing the fun part about design, which is all the little details. Actually it's all fun, but anyway, I'm excited to do something fun above the bed...probably something that takes up the whole wall...and it can be whatever I want, since it's a spare room! So it should be lots of fun for sure. 
These lockers were salvaged from an old deal I ever got I think! :) Derick taped off the gray parts and painted them yellow for me, and I SWOON over them every time I see them. There's holes all up and down them on the insides, perfect for adding shelves....perfect for storing so much stuff since this room doesn't have a closet. (We should have put one in, but didn't, and the lockers are prettier anyways!)
Behind Baker is the open door to the spare room...
I moved this floor lamp down here when I bought the new yellow one for my living room...and it matches perfectly, and gives me lots of light when I veg on the bed while Derick I still might paint it a bright color at some point...depends on what I end up doing on the wall behind it. 
Everything on this cabinet is pretty random...I love that little metal tray from the Bargain Barn in Cardston though....those trays are everywhere in thrift stores right now. I wanted something fun to fill the big jar with, and found those cutest-ever globe bouncy balls at the dollar store. Baker loves them, I love them, another win/win. 
Leah scored the cabinet in the as-is section of Ikea for $30, best part about the as-is section is not the price, it's the fact that the stuff is PUT TOGETHER! :) Those bottles are from Three Potato Four. Love that place...prepare to spend lots of time on that site!! They even make a line of stuff for Urban Outfitters they're so awesome. 
Nothing very pretty about this study space...I do love the vintage Krokinole board (that reminds me of my brother Boyd who passed away in 2007...another post for another day). I got it for $20 at a random antique sale. Everything else about the space is likely to change...since we're probably moving soon (sad but good...again, another post for another day!) I don't want to do anything too temporary, since Derick's going to be all grown up and graduated this Christmas (with his teaching degree), it's likely the next house will have a more permanent grown-up office area for him, so until now, I'll do some temporary fixes to make it cute, but nothing too permanent...there's a window next to the desk I have been wanting to hang curtains at forever...just haven't found the perfect ones. 
I'm probably proudest that the bathroom is done! :) It's nothing fancy, but it's FINISHED! You know how it goes, you get the important stuff put in....the john, and you finish the shower, but then everything else just gets ignored for....four years. Derick did great framing a bench into the shower, and I'm so gload we put in the ONE border of glass tile to break up the rest of the plain tile...easy way to make it a bit different than the usual, but still very affordable. Shower curtain on sale from Anthro for $ to love that! I love how FULL it is. 
You may be wondering why the bathroom is included in this "tour", and it's because the bathroom is an en suite. The basement was "supposed" to be framed backwards to what we instead of one window in the living room, there's two, and instead of two tiny bedrooms, we have one small office, and one much bigger bedroom...and instead of one of those tiny bedrooms having a REALLY BIG closet, we have a living room with a scrapbook nook...MUCH more functional and useful if you ask me! And my office didn't need a window, (though I would have liked one), and so that meant the bathroom is an en suite, which I worried about at first, but in the end, it totally doesn't matter. If someone needs to use it, (like a guest) there's never anyone in the bedroom, so it's still totally accessible to them. I guess if you had a teenager down there sometimes you may have to quickly jaunt upstairs for the jaunt, but I'd probably just invade the teenager's space. :o) 
This picture just shows the door to the bathroom...anyway, it took what seems like FOREVER to get the "bones" of this room done, so now that I'm there, I look forward to making it "pretty!" And oh yeah, it's Halloween!!! I last-minute decided to make my kids matching owl costumes. No, I don't sew. And no, I wasn't smart and didn't google anything or even look on Pinterest for inspiration first (cue gasp). But I think I managed well enough...and I can't wait to take pictures of them in them later today!! I just hope the kids don't hate wearing them. :) 

Thursday, October 27

I'm obsessed with diagonal stripes! Every shape, color, thickness, all of it...I'm pretty sure everyone is though. :) Right up there with the grey and yellow I think!! The diagonal stripes just sort of got here though it feels like! Anyway, my Christmas cards are finally DONE-ZO! They sort of took over my life there for a while, because I'm out of control and they had to be perfect. I promise they are not all grey and yellow! :) Who cares if they were though, right? There's a reason it's so popular...because it's cute! 
I'm SUPER excited about the new die-cut cards (the ones that are different shaped). I recommend printing them with Pro Digital Photos in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I should be getting mine in the mail soon, and they were awesome to work with! I'm getting all their paper samples too...they have so many super nice choices that are all double-sided...pearl, linen, pearl-linen, pebble and thick pearl. That's a lot of pearl! :) They're prices are totally sweet too, mine ended up being $32 for 25 cards, a die-cut 5X7 double-sided, including shipping and envelopes! I probably need twice that many, but I had to cut back a little this year! :) Anyway, I'll even take care of the shipping/ordering for everyone if they want, it's just a different price in the shop is all...I didn't want anyone to shy away from getting the die-cut cards for fear of facing the ordering system! (Even though it's not too bad.) Anyway, go check out all my hard work! :) 
Now if only I could muster up enough energy to get my butt and the three kids to zumba...I LOVE zumba...just don't love the work it takes to get there! Lol. My gym does have the best teacher on the planet though, so I really have no excuse for not getting there! 

Saturday, October 22

Okay, so I know, two posts in one day, but LOOK AT THIS DEAL!!! I actually all ready ordered two a few days orange one and a grey one. Ya, there used to be grey....but there's still orange and white! I love the Twin XL size too, it's perfect for on the couch, and it looks so cute folded in half at the bottom of a bed with a white duvet....that's what I do for even our King size bed sometimes when I want to mix it up! GO BUY A BUNCH!! 
Oh, and I have to give credit to super deal-stealer Sam, my sister-in-law. Yeah, that's right, we're Sam and Pam Heggie. Jealous?

How cute is this family??? I'm pretty sure this is my favourite family one! The first picture usually is for some reason! 
Thought I'd mix up the old tube picture with some black and white!! Love it. 
First saw the awesomely-talented Angie Monson take this picture of the equally-awesome TJ Aneca's for the kids, and a good depiction of life! :) Love Christal's face. :)
Guess who was behind me getting REAL smiles out of the kids?? :) Yup. Dad. 
Biggest brother's serious bw doesn't really fit, I know, but don't you just love it??? 
I can't decide which one of just the four kids is my favourite because I just LOVE THEM BOTH!! And I love shadow pictures too...and I'm excited to try more! 
These couple shots just make me HAPPY!
And love this last one of baby brother sneaking a peek!! Speaking of sneak peeks, this one is over! WICKED segue eh??? Ha ha. Okay, so I know there's been a ton of photo shoots on here lately, it is my goal today to take pictures of a new part of the house and blog it next!! I still have my office, the spare room, our bedroom, and Baker's room left to blog, and then the house tour is over! I'll be sad. Don't worry, I'll change the whole thing soon enough. :) 

Saturday, October 15

Isn't this angle of the bridge so cute?? I'm so glad I tried it! This is my friend Karley's cute little family. We first met at the daycare at Gold's Gym...she was so awesome there, it ALMOST kept me from switching gyms to Goodlife! :) But Zumba was calling my name...ha ha.
Okay, so remember when I said I bought a HUGE giant number 4 from Station 8 in August? Here it is!! It is so unique and different and HUGE! I love it...I need to get some pictures of Van with it too before he turns 5!
Love these culvert will be sad when someone actually does something with them!! Cutest photo prop ever right now!
Love the pinkish color of the grass here...just starting to turn, mixed with the sunsetting light...mmmmm.
I took smiley pictures of this good-looking pair too, but I am a sucker for the serious ones every time!! Btw, Karley's other half's name is Irish...sweet name, eh?
Then we popped up the hill and took a few pictures downtown in the last fading light. I love mixing in a few grainy ones at the end of each shoot! (They're grainy because you have to jack up your ISO when you are losing light. High ISO=grain.)
Thanks for the fun night you guys! I am SO.EXCITED for you to see the rest! I've had to stop myself from emailing the others to you! Lol! 

Wednesday, October 12

Okay, Ashley's coming over tomorrow to pick these up, so I better get the sneak peek up! How cute is baby Hayes' with his shaggy hair? 
And how cute is this entire family? We did the shoot in Magrath where Ben trains horses....I think that's what he does there? :) It was fun shooting in a different location!
I had an IMPOSSIBLE time picking which pictures to edit/delete, let alone which ones to post! I always end up giving extra pictures to people, because it's just WRONG to delete cute pictures of a family being together. Am I right?
Love the ones by this red barn in the corral with the can't see the horses...but they were there staring me down. (Me and Derick are BOTH afraid of horses. I know, makes no sense...I have a thing for cowboys...just not the horses they are on. Ha ha.)
Bronx (pink shirt) gave us ONE smile. Lucky I got it! And how cute is Addie's outfit??? Seriously...seeing Addie's outfits on Sunday are the highlight of church every week!
Red rover, red rover, send Hayes on over!
Me and Ashley have this same yellow BEST CARDIGAN EVER from Gap. It matches everything. She is also wearing a dress from Target that my sister banned me from buying because I, "have way too many prints right now." So I bought the polka dot one, and then was mad I did when I saw Ashley wearing this one! Ha ha.  
And then there's her shoes. Aren't they the cutest things ever??? I should have done a close-up of them. You'll never guess where they're from. ZELLERS! For like $22 or something ridiculous like that. I went the next day to buy the same ones and try and be just like her, and they didn't have my size. I sent my sister to the Zellers in Calgary, and they had NO sizes. Sad day...I'm going to just have to be plain old me. 
Thanks for the cute shoot you two!

Tuesday, October 11

Derick's studying (BOOOOO) so thought I'd blog until bedtime. I think I've gone to bed without him like four times in my life...yes, I'm needy, and I don't like being alone! :)
Meet Derick's lovely grandparents on the Heggie side. They are actually the only grandparents either of us have left, so I was more than happy to do a photoshoot of just them, as I would give most anything to have some pictures like this of my own grandparents. 
Not to mention the fact that his grandparents have pretty much ran the July 1st rodeo for when I first took pictures of Derick's cousin's family here, we all thought it would be a perfect idea to do some at the same place with their grandparents. 
And I'd have to say that I think they turned out pretty great!! How could they not with subjects as cute as them to work with. :)
Love these two of his Grandpa...Derick loves to bug me, as I've always had a thing for cowboys! Ha ha...good thing he can pull off wranglers well when he needs to. Lol. 
I wished I could have spent all afternoon with them listening to his Grandpa's stories...he was much more interested in telling stories than posing for pictures. :) I have actually always wanted to do more senior citizen photography....I'm quite positive I could specialize in nothing but that and be perfectly happy!!
And this, folks, is what I like to call the money shot! I went back and forth between whether to post the color version or the bw one, and in the end, bw won out because I think it's just such a nostalgic picture, it needed the drama of some black and white! Am with this's up in the announcer's booth where he's spent a LOT of time. 
And then I got to finish things up with pictures of this cute little pair of sisters. They are Derick's cousins' darling are they and their boots? Derick came along and helped me since it was his family I was shooting and we were in Raymond, so we had someone to watch the kids. I think it would be SO much fun to have him as my second shooter all the time...loved having him there. :) 

Sunday, October 9

I can't even describe how good it feels to be DONE re-designing my own blog. I think waaayy too hard about these things! And don't even get me started on how hard I thought about my new blog NAME. Pamela Pumkin Pie just never really felt right...I sort of rushed into that one! Ha ha...yes, my blog is not even six months old yet (it will be in three days), and I'm all ready changing its name...yes, I'm a spazz, and yes, Derick deserves many a reward for putting up with me!

Anyway, I finally decided on Pam I Am, and I think all of my friends and family are collectively grateful I will stop asking their opinion! I changed my URL name to just seemed like it should be my name! should automatically redirect everyone to though, so it's all good! And yes, this is still a blogger blog! I have to say, I'm pretty darn impressed with what I was able to get blogger to do for me! I still can't wait to keep learning this web design stuff. I LOVE it!
But as excited as I am to be done my blog (for now...ha ha), I'm even more excited to have my new Etsy shop up and running!! I never in a million years thought I would ever have a single thing to sell on Etsy, but with all the things I've been making with my newfound Illustrator skills, I figured why not try and sell them? What good do they do sitting on my computer?? :) And my most favouritist thing I've made so far is FOR SURE this yellow circle frame.
Isn't it so cute??? I had a REALLY hard time not putting in my blog somewhere, but I just haven't found a place yet! All in good time...ha ha. Anyway, now I can get back to editing all the cute photo sessions I've been up to lately. YES! 
Oh yeah...Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!! :o)

Wednesday, October 5

So my neighbour was asking for some help picking out fabrics to make pillows with in her living room, and she sent me some she was looking at, and they were all Amy Butler. I had to laugh, because I did the EXACT same thing about a year and a half ago. Picked out four different Amy Butler fabrics, and made EIGHT pillows and TWO SETS of matching curtains from them, and a few months later, sold everything! Ha ha. I made my money back, which is all I ever aim to do when I go through spazz sessions like that. I think sometimes because Amy Butler stuff is SO cute, it gets used a TON, and I was having a hard time seeing my prints in so many places, and I was tired of my pillows/curtains in seriously a week! Ha ha. 
So anyways, I told her I'd find some fabrics that I also thought would look great in a living room, as I have ben looking for something to redo our lampshades in our bedroom anyways, and had been meaning to look online at my favourite site, I'm not sure about its variety they offer compared to others, so if someone has checked out others they love, share them in the comments! Anyway, here's the favourites I found this go round. Most of the fabrics are Ty Pennington (I LOVE his fabrics), and Joel Dewberry...I've been in love with his deer print for one's surprised.
I love the bottom right's canvas! Wouldn't it be cute cut out and framed? I just might do that. The bottom left two are flannel, and I think would make a super cute boy blanket. (Not an announcement...just forever on the search for cute boy things). :)
I love the second to the right in the top could embroider right on it for extra detail, or just use it like cute. But I think my very favourite...and possible winner for my lampshades makeover is the far right fabric in the top picture. I really wanted to bring in a touch of pink to the lampshades though, so I might keep looking...
Anyway, have a look over there if you're needing fabric for anything! I like to browse through their fabric by designer. They ship right to your door...though sometimes I ship to my Montana address I use for the free shipping. I also love because they include a handwritten thank you note, and I LOVE touches like that! Anyway, thanks for the distraction Kayla! :) Hope some of these choices helped! 
Okay, and I just realized I had a picture of my "old" living room! I went digging through the archives though and couldn't find it, but here's a few I found that at least had them in the background. :)
Cute 2 year-old Van with his cousin Keaton. And a get together with some of my friends! And my wall color is different too...this was the third color I painted...I painted cream over this, and have been in love with it ever since! :)