Wednesday, September 21

Baby Got Backsplash

Just thought I'd take a break from refereeing a carrot fight to blog before bedtime....Derick's at cubs, Baker is in bed early (he's teething, and he's been super sad all day), so I'm just chilling with Van and Boston, and seriously, carrots? How many times do I have to ask Boston to not throw the carrot? At least 15 I guess. At least they're fighting over something healthy. 
Anyway....check out this kitchen! Sorry the "before" picture is actually an "in progress" picture...I forgot to take one and didn't feel like searching through archives for a better pic. You get the idea I think! The tile wasn't ugly by any means before, it just wasn't spectacular. 
We had never taken tile off before, and we were experts at learning the correct process...meaning we didn't even really google anything, just took a few tools to the edge and hammered them right off. By we I mean Derick, of course. Here's a picture of a few places where the drywall came off with it, so he just nailed up some new pieces. For the most part the tile came off fine though!! Yippee! And yes, I loved our new purchase so much I took a picture petting it outside of the store. Doesn't everyone? 
So I have been wanting to re-tile our kitchen backsplash since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago, but it was a bit hard to convince Derick it was a job worth bothering with. Understandable. But this summer was THE summer, and when me and Derick went to Kalispell just the two of us at the end of August, we came across this marble tile at Lowe's for $9.99 per square foot. We really stewed about if we should just go ahead and buy the tile without even price comparing other places, or even LOOKING at any other tile in general...especially since we couldn't even take a square home and hold it up in our kitchen to see what it would look like, but being in the states, we just took a leap and bought it! Sometimes it's so nice to just buy something spur of the moment like that...especially when it works out!!
WHICH IT DID!! According to us anyway. :) We're in love with it...yes, I said WE. Derick loves it cost us $400, which when we bought it, felt like a TON of money and made us super nervous. Especially me, since I basically begged/convinced Derick to buy it and not think twice! Now that it's in and looking all pretty and stuff, I would have paid even more for it...I'm just so happy with how good it looks!!! 
Really though, it may not seem like too drastic of a change, but it really, really is for us! We spend so.much.time in our main area of our house, and it was just so dark and enveloping in the kitchen...things just got lost in there. Especially flies! Lol.

And now the lights reflect off of the tile, and it seriously feels like we have twice the lighting in our kitchen!! And I also strongly dislike our it's GREAT that the tile makes it brighter. I really could not be happier with the case that's not obvious yet! Ha ha. 
Here's some close-ups. Sigh....if only my kitchen was always this clean. Though, we are better at cleaning it because we just love our shiny new tile so much, it's much more rewarding to clean it! We even moved our toaster and blender off of the counter so as not to block the view. Ha ha. 
We didn't even have measurements. We called Landon and Sam who are awesome because they were watching our kids, so he did some measurements for us, and we bought a little extra for good measure. And when I say a little, I mean a little! We had two and a half of those little bricks you see there left over. Yup...that's cutting it close!! Seriously. Two and a half. 
And the "Big Dad Big Hunk" award definitely goes to you babe. That's only the second time you've done tile, and it's immaculate! You are the best!! We took this picture also in it's all relative, right? Actually..that Big Hunk was pretty darn tasty. Just almonds and nouget. If anyone feels like picking me up one (or 5) next time they are in the U.S. it would be appreciated. :) 
And if anyone's paying attention...I took a break in the middle of this post and put the kids to bed. The carrots were getting on my last nerve...and side note, Derick just came home and found a carrot on the floor and ate it. Yum. 


  1. Oh man it looks SO GOOD!!! good work Derick!!

  2. It looks so good! I secretly wish I wouldn't have done granite and I would have done marble counter tops in my kitchen.
    Big hunks, now I'm hungry. You gotta get the mini ones. Super one in Columbia Falls. So good!

  3. Ha ha! I love your writing. :) and I love that Derick ate that carrot. It looks beautiful!! Good work!

  4. pam it looks so good! but i must know where you got your cute white owl figurine thinger thats on your counter by the fridge? i love it!

  5. Hey Leslie! Thanks! It's from bath and body works. It's a candle burning smelling thing. I think I'm the last person to not own a scentsy! I love their smells, but just don't like the looks of them! And how cute is that owl!!! :)

  6. pam it really is the cutest candle anything i have ever seen! i will search every single bath and body store until i find it!


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