Thursday, August 18

My $30 Bed

Isn't she pretty? I found it on Kijiji after searching for this style of bed for awhile...when Derick brought it home he said, "we just paid $30 for someone's crap," in true husband style. I was so excited to finally sell my existing bed that had been there for $50! I bought two cans of oil-rubbed bronze spray, and lickety split, was in love with my new bed!!
This is our guest bedroom...that was once occupied by one of my best friends Jordan...Jordan, you have a new pretty bed now. Will you please move back? Jesse (her husband) can come too if he wants. 
Didn't it turn out beyond awesome?? Seriously, in case you live in a cave, oil-rubbed bronze spraypaint makes just about EVERYTHING pretty. 
The shams behind the white pillows were $10 for the pair from UO, and were originally purchased to go with their matching blanket, which WAS supposed to go on this bed. But I found I couldn't part with's put down roots in the living room now, and I never was good at change. Luckily this blanket that my Grandma Bennett made waaaay back in the day (that I stole from my mom's spare bed in their wasn't even on TOP of the bed!!),  actually matched the shams great! So all is well in bedland. The pillow in front was originally bought for my couches, but UO said it was RED, and that was a lie. It's pink...but don't tell Derick I admitted it. 
And in other related cute-bed news, check out this beauty that was DIY'ed by my sister-in-law Tina and her hubby. She blogged about it here. I'm head over heels in love with it. I sat there and drooled just about the whole time they made it. And don't even mind The Dads in the picture (the one that looks like he'd play a great Santa Claus is mine, the one that looks like he'd make a great Bruce Willis is Derick's). It was July 1st, and everyone comes out to celebrate July 1st, and my dad (Fred) just can't keep his hands to himself when there's a project going on. Again, Tina, my apologies. 
And finally on the random bed post, I end with these two strange pics. The one on the left is how we got away with my making my Andre the giant mattress in the guest room not drown the bed frame. We screwed the bed frame right into the wall at a higher height, and sat it on this board that sat on the trim just for extra stability. Fancy, eh? And these pretty white beds on the right were bought for $15 EACH!! They are Pottery Barn, and I bought them at Gabe's. (Insert moment of silence for no longer living by Gabe's.) I bought them before Van was even born, in Pittsburgh, and thought they'd make great little girl beds...either one cute bed, with a headboard and footboard (we'd cut down the footboard one), or two matching single girl beds. Alas, no little girls in this household yet. I still can't manage to part ways with these bed frames though....maybe one day! :)

We (meaning Derick) are currently in the midst of spraypainting some lockers to complete the guest bedroom, and then I promise to share the rest!!


  1. ya just let me know if you want to part with those frames....I will take them off your hands for you ;)

  2. seriously so cute! i was wondering how it was sitting so high! So clever you are. I've never even seen those shutter headboards SO flippen cute! I'm excited to see the lockers!

  3. how did I not see this post? that guest bed will be getting a trial-run next weekend!

  4. So so so cute! You always find the best stuff:)

  5. That turned out so great!!!! You are a great little homemaker/styler. I love it. And if you have to part with those girl beds...I have 2 little girls who are going to need matching twins beds soon... :) Just sayin'!


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