Sunday, August 14

I Love Robot Me

Okay, so nothing like a good shower to make me feel like I can come back and CONQUER blogger. Take THAT blogger, and THIS, and THAT! 
I feel better. 
Aren't 2 year-olds the best??? Boston's personality cracks me up every day all day long. My mom had this sweet craft ready at Wasa (very unlike Peg, we were all extremely be fair, her extremely crafty best friend Pat gave her the ideas). Anyway, she only had to buy a few things at the dollar store to make these "robots", the rest came from my Dad's shop that could pass for a professional autobody shop if you didn't know any better!
Aren't they the cutest things? I'm talking about both the robots and the kids btw. And you can't beat basically free! Leah helped Riley (my brother Trent's oldest) make one, with awesome curly fro hair just like Riley's, and she just kept saying, "I love robot me!" It was very high amounts of cute. 
Leah let Van play with her camera, and he was very high amounts of happy with himself when he realized HE was in control of the camera for once, not me. Which reminds me of a quote, "I feel...I feel happy of myself!"  Thanks Leah for the youtube share, and also for the reminder to let Van play with my camera more.
Boston eating strawberries = cute.
I've sort of been on a blogging rampage this week, eh? I start making lists in my head (okay, and on paper too), and I literally can't fall asleep good at night until the lists are checked off. It's how I get so much done...and how come I have headaches at the end of most days. And don't ask me why, but I really enjoy blogging. There's just something about it that makes me feel very happy of myself! Lol! 
I promise not to blog for at least three days...ha ha. 


  1. ha more more MORE! Let's go back to wasa right now!!! those pics of van with the camera are super cute though! I love robot me too :o)

  2. so cute! those robots are adorable! go Pegs!

  3. Those robots are great! Where did your mom get the idea? What are the feet? My kiddos would LOVE those!


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